Thursday, May 23, 2013

Recent thoughts on submission and obedience...

Listening to several different preaching messages on HOLY GHOST RADIO! One preacher was talkin about how Samuel told king Saul that obediance is better than sacrifice! He said WHY do you think its better than sacrifice? When sacrifice is giving up of something or dedicating yourself to something that is important to you? He said, because EVEN when we may sacrifice, our own will is STILL involved, when you just OBEY, its doing what your told to do, even if its NOT what you want to do! In other words, its dying out to your own flesh, your own will!!!
Another preacher was talking about, WHAT is the difference between obediance and submission??? Hmmmm...this is a GOOD QUESTION!!! I mean, yeah I kinda know, and I know that you can be obediance WITHOUT being submissive, but at the same time, what REALLY IS THE DIFFERENCE??? He said that obediance is YOUR ACTIONS, submission is YOUR ATTITUDE!!!I was like Ooooooo thats GOOOOOOOD!!! A SUBMISSIVE ATTITUDE!!! I LIKE THAT!!! It gives you clarification when you pray, "God help me to be obedient in my actions and submissive in my attitude!!!
♥Mary Frances :)