Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!! My ipad is OFFICIALLY SOLD for $250!!! YESSSSS!!! I'm sooooooo happy cuz, I think I saw a small lap top at Best Buy for $245!!!! I really TRIED to LOOOOOVE my iPad, buuuuuut it was just of NO USE TO ME!!! I was like, okaaaaaaay I just want this for WRITING, annnnnnd its not really made for that...ALL the other cool things you can just use on your iPhone...soooooo whats the point of having two??? I know, I know, I KNOW, i'm pretty much the ONLY person that finds an iPad useless...buuuuuuut then again...we all ALREADY KNEW that I'm NOT NORMAL!!!
My Mexican dad, HATERRR is the one that bought it... he said he wanted to see pics of it first...I'm like 100% sure it was THIS PICTURE that sold it to him!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!

He said he HATES CATS! Then he asked me if he could pay in food stamps...AHAHAHAHAHAHA... that made me laugh really hard!!!! THEN told me to GO CLEAN MY ROOM sooooo as to not scare all the guys off!!! LOL! YES SIR!!! I still remember his advice to me if I wanna impress a Mexican man!!! HAHAHAHA!!! I'll have to post that sometime!!!
ANYWAYZ...the iPad IS SOLD!!!
♥Mary Frances :)