Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Car!!!!

Weeeeellll... You guys... It looks like I have found a car!!! It's a Nissan Altima Gxe, 2000, 109,000 miles... It has a cRaZy AWESOME system too that connects to an iPhone too.... Sooooo get ready for me to start blaring Holy Ghost Radio, Veggie Tales, annnnnd AIO!!! Woooohooo!!!
My brother John checked it out for me on Sunday and I got his approval!!! Cuz I had found a truck that I wanted to get and I called him about and he just FLAT OUT said NOOOO!!! I was like buuuuuti really WANT a truck!!! He's like, nope, you don't NEED a truck you NEED a car!!! I was like okaaaaay fiiiiine!!! Buuut then j found out it was inky a three seater and i was like oh thats not gonna work anyways cuz i bring people to church and stuff!!! Anywayz, listened to my brother annnnd then right after that my sis found this car!!!
Soooo i went over there yesturday with my mom and sis, cuz my brother didnt think ME, buyin a car by myself was a good idea! so me and my sis took it for a test driveI, but i had her drive it cuz ya know i figured it was safer... lol! and the guy was like so who's buying it? i was like ME, buuuuut im not the best driver so i figured she should drive it!!!! he's like, OH, soooo youve had to much to drink too???? im like, ummmm nooooo.. ACTUALLY, my bad driving skills come NATURALLY, thank you very much! ;)
made an offer for 2,700 and he accepted it!!! Now I jus hav to wait for him to get the title turned over! I'm supposed to be buying it from him TODAY!!! Buuuuut...
He was really drunk tho so hopefully he doesn't change his mind when he sobers up!!! Lol
He also said the miles were so low cuz it's jus been sittin for awhile cuz he got a DUI! I was like oooo okaaaaay!!!
AnywayZ, we're meetin today at four so pray that all goes well!!! (: