Sunday, July 28, 2013

Keeping convictions!!!(Part 1!)

Random thought before I drifted off to sleep the other night: Standards of holiness are very important to me annnnd I want whoever I marry to feel the same way... Howeverrr, sometimes even good people, will let things go or begin to let things slip. I don't ever want to just start letting things slide, or forgetting previous convictions just because our friends or other families or because anyone else is doing something...If God talks to me about something, I want to change FOREVERRR!!!
I was thinkin that sometimes it scares me becuz husbands are the spiritual leader, what if he jus goes with flow of things not really noticing??? Or what if we me out of state and move to another church? I mean to me, Submission is trusting in someone else to decide what is best for you...thats why when we are are TRUSTING in God, we are actually submitting to him. Where as rebellion is the opposite of submission. Its that independent attitude that says, I KNOW whats best for me and I'm going to make my own choices and do things my own way. .
So its kind of like a BIG deal to me when I think about trusting in someone to be the spiritual leader not only for myself but for our whole family together. So I got this idea that I want to do with my husband before we get mArried...Weeeeeelllll Honestly I think the idea was from God...cuz I was like God it SCARES ME...then the next thing I knew before I drifted off into dream land...THIS idea came to me...
I want us to write out our personal convictions and decide together what we are going to uphold our household/family too. Then each year thru out our marriage I want us to take out what we originally decided and check to make sure we are still abiding by our original decision and not slowly letting things slip in...
I want us to keep our original to look at and ensure that we have not drifted away from our original standards. Also, over the years it will be good with new technology and new trends to decide what we're going to accept and what were not going to allow into our lives! Then one year into our marriage we can check to see if we're still doing the same things, ten years into our marriage we can see, 20, 30, till our dying day we can look back and see our we still living up to our ORIGINAL CONVICTIONS!?!?!
Weeeeelllll... That's it!!! (: Jus another idea...You can use it too if you want!!!;))))
♥Mary Frances :)