Sunday, July 14, 2013

Oakland day 3!!!

Okaaaaaaaaay sooooo this is gonna be a REALLY LOOOOOONG POST was a LOOOOOOONG day and we did A LOT!!! LOL!!! Soooooo I had been telling everyone the day before in the car that they had BETTER be dressin patriotic...LOL...then I told them, when you all see me tomorrow, your gonna put your hand on your heart and start SAYING THE PLEDGE!!! AHAHAHA!!! Annnnnd sooooo the next day when I got to the Kifle's, everyone ran into the house then when I walked through the door everyone put their hands on their heart and proceeded to SAY THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE!!! It was pretty AWESOME!!! ANNNNND FUNNNNNY!!!
Then after that our whole group, which included, Sis. Kifle, (Bro. Kifle is currently on missions in Ethiopia) Sis. Kifle's brother and sister but I forget their names...ooooops...Nyla, Mesgana, MJ, T, Hanna, Coco, Steven Aka: FROSTY, Joe Momma, Jen, Paul, Anali, and we all headed out for a drive to the beach! Sooooo it was like an hour drive annnnnnd as we're driving, Jen decided to borrow my glasses and she is all like, OH let me get a MARY POSE!!! It was sooooo funnnnny...cuz it looks SOOOO NATURAL in the picture, buuuuut if you know Jen, thats just soooo NOT HER!!! AHAHAHA!!!
Then Jen was like, Oh lets sing for Theresa the song we wrote for Mary! Soooooo the song goes to the tune of Mary had a little lamb, buuuuut they Lyrics go like this and feel free to sing it as you read it...lololol, ♪Mary wants a big strong man, big strong man, big strong maaaaaan, Mary wants a big strong man who's face is BLACK AS COAL!!!♫ Now you have to understand, that when Jen, Hanna and Anali sing this song, its exactley on key and in PERFECT HARMONY!!! They sound BEAUTIFUL singing it...which just makes it all the funnier!!! So they're done singing it and my sister's response was simply this, SOOOOO your friends are JUST AS CREEPY AS YOU!!!

Then we got to the beach annnnnd I was soooooo EXCITED!!! I just took off while everyone was still doing WHATEVER...I'm sorry buuuuut I LOOOOOOVE THE OCEAN!!! Buuuuuut I didn't realize that we were gonna be there for several hours cuz IF I HAD KNOWN...I sooooo woulda brough swimming clothes!!! Ooooo I LOVE SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN!!! Like, I'll go in and be in there for HOURS...till my eyes start burning from the salt!!!
Weeeeeelllll I had been wearing my hear DOWN buuuuut it was WINDY!!! Sooooo UP IT WENT!!!

Me and HANNA BANANA!!! Even tho it was cloudy, for some reason the sun still made us squint!!!

Theresa and MJ!!!
You all shoulda seen MJ's WHOLE outfit!!! She looked sooooo CUUUUUTE!!!
Meanwhile the guys went all into like wild men in their own world of throwing knives and stuff...ANNNND THEN JEN went all cRaZy with them...LOL Sooooooooooo yeah... ya all gotta watch out for JEN!!! She MAY SEEM SWEEEEET buuuuut...WATCH OUT!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Annnnnd then poor JOE MOMMA...he came ALL THE WAY FROM ROSWELL NEW MEXICO with the SOLE PURPOSE of going to Alcatraz Island...AND all the tickets were sold out for the next like three weeks...I can't lie tho...I was kinda glad we didn't have to waste money to go to like some jail museum...thats like historical or something...LIKE BORING...anywayZ we created for Joe HIS OWN Prison Cell...Like okaaaaay YOUR OWN PERSONAL ALCATRAZ...your there now....ENJOY!!! AHAHAHA!!!
NEXT up was a RACE...between Coco and Steven!!!
On your marks, get set, GO!!! Who do you think would win??? Ethiopian or Jew??? I THOUGHT for sure I knew!!!
Buuuuuuuuuuuut for ONCE in my life I was WRONG!!! AHAHA!!!
I'm disapointed, I thought Africans were the fastest runners...
Jen starts giving a speech...something about Greeks being the best and once again FORGETTING her Italian HERITAGE!!! :(
Steven...getting to ready to club these girls with spirits of SUBMISSION!!! AHAHAHAH!!! Okaaaaaaaaaaaaay just to let you all know, the joke and talk the whole week was about woman submitting etc...I'll explain more in later posts....AHAHAHA...REALLY FUNNNY STUFF!!!
Jen, Hanna, Anali, THE KINDREDS!!!
Btw- HANNA WAS REBELLIOUS AND STRAIGHT UP REFUSED TO BE PATRIOTIC!!!! Tsk, tsk!!! Buuuuut if she isn't gonna be patriotic, she did wear like my faVortist shirt ever that she has...bright, cheery and flowery!!! (;
Mesgana and Hanna just goofing off...Mesgana getting a piggy back ride...
Then Hanna got this pic of Coco and said it was his CD album cover...
Hmmm any title ideas???
Steven's gettting ready to preach to us all...probabley about SUBMISSION...BAHAHA!!!


Looks like he's doing a compaign speech or trying to raise money or something like that...LOL!

A homemade teeter-totter or see-saw...remember these???
Paul was really getting into it...hanging on like TARZAN!!!
Annnnnnnnnd we had a really funnnn time over all...and then we TRIED to get a group picture...ahahaha...but some of the people wern't in the pic and we were still trying to get it annnnd THEN a bee came and JEN flipped out and so did all of us girls pretty much!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
Then after the beach Sis. Kifle showed us this CUTE lil town called Pescadero! It had this really cute little white church with a steeple...I LOOOOVE when churches have steeple, then it had some little shops, a farmers market, bakery etc...
Most of us went and got sanwhiches made at the deli, then we went outside and ate together st some picnic benches...
Annnnnnnnd I had a bite of THE MOST AMAZING BROWNIE everrrr...soooooo chewy and CHOCOLATEY...mmmm...I think it was even better than MY OWN BROWNIES annnnnd you know it takes A LOT for me to say that!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Then Jen got this AWESOME picture of Mesgana sitting on the church steps...I think we all decided that this was MESGANA's CD cover!!! :)
Then on the way home Hanna sang all kinds of cRaZy, funny songs with Nyla to keep her entertained!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnd THEN at night we all drove to BERKLEY AKA: BEZERKLY to watch fire works over the water. Before we left for the festival, we were met at the house by some more people that Hanna and Anali are all friends with: Jeremy and Cassie, and Mikey, which I have heard all about but finally got to meet!!! Cool peeps to I must say!!! (:
Annnnnnnnnnnnd I took this picture JUST for when HANNA feels the NEED to TALK ABOUT MY DRIVING...I will THEN proceed to send her this picture!!! LOLOLOL!!! This was HER parellel parking job...Thank YOU PAUL for yelling
Soooooooooo it was this really LOOOOONG walk over to where we were watching fireworks...which would NOT have been a big deal...buuuuuuuuuut...I was wearing sneakers a size TOO SMALL...cuz they're CUUUUTE...sooooo yeah...I paid for cuteness with a NICE BLISTER!!! :(
Then we all went to get food at the stands...weeeeeelllll everyone was buying calamari...I was like EWWWWW...their like how do you know its EWWWW if you've never tried it???
 Soooooooo I TRIED IT!!!
Annnnnnd whatda ya know...
Nasy and RUBBERY!!!
Buuuuut garlic fries were BOMB!!! Thats cuz there is NO SUCH THING AS TO MUCH GARLIC!!! Woooooot! Woooot!!!
This is our group all just hanging out and waiting for it to get dark...
Here we are all of us crowded in WAITING for the fireworks...Somehow we ended up by the men's restroom...AHAHHAHA!!!
Nyla OF COURSE managed to get shoulder rides the whole night!!!
She also was yelling at all the men EVERYTIME they would flush the toilet and we could hear it flushing...LOLOL...OH NYLA!!!
I think our group managed to be THE LOUDEST group there...Everyone made me PROUD!!! AHAHA!!! Now Mesgana found someone's shoulder's to get on...this WHOLE time we're just waiting and waiting and waiting...we were doing these count downs till 9:30 and then at 9:30 NOTHING happened so we had to wait ANOTHER WHOLE 15 minutes...which may not seem like a long time BUUUUUT it is when your as crowded as us annnnnd waiting by the men's restroom...
FINALLY at 9:45 the fireworks started going off...WE ALL CHEERED AND CHEERED AND CHEERED!!! And Nyla was sooooooo FUNNNNNY the whole time she kept yelling stuff out...this is better than Florida's display!!! This is better than NEW YORK'S display!!! This is BETTER THAN England's!!! (Wait she's been to ENGLAND???) And when she said that someone in our group said yeah it is...THATS WHY WE'RE HERE!!!
Annnnnd the group was yelling out all kinds of ridiculous EVERY firwork we would be like all together OOooooo...then the next one all together...Awwwww....over and over again!!! We were definately entertaining the crowd around us but I think Mikey entertained everyone THE MOST!!! He would say all these cRaZy things like, WOW!! THAT WAS FANTASTIC!!! THAT WAS INCREDOULOUS!!! Then the next that was THE BEST FIRE WORK I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! WAIT NO, THIS ONE IS!!! AHAHAHA!!! It was super funny!!!
My sis said when we came back our whole group was charging towards them on the grass with Jeremy in the lead and Nyla on his shoulders the two of them roaring and Sis. Kifle calmly looks up and says, That would be our group returning!!! AHAHAHA!!! THen we started the long walk back with my too-small-shoes annnnnd somehow I lost track of the group and I thought I was walking waaaaaay behind everyone and I hear Anali yell out MARY!!! Annnnnd they were all behind me sooooo I have NO CLUE what happened!!!
This was a pillow I really, really, REALLY WANTED!!! I like purrred every time we walked by it!!! I have a blanket just like it!!! THen the next, Jen and Paul were reinacting the mannequins in the window...I have a pretty good pouty attitude look HUH!!!??!!! ;)
THEN FINALLY IN THE VAN!!! First thing I did was take OFF those too small shoes...annnnnnd see my FEET...thats them SMILING!!! :)))) Like my socks??? DOLLAR TREE!!! (: Awwwwwww just look at my cute feet SMILING...they were SOOOO HAPPY!!!
THEN the night was of COURSE NOT OVER!!! Because...We're Apostolic soooo that meant lets all GO EAT!!! AHAHAHA!!! Soooooooooo WE DID!!! Anali's family provided fish tacos for everyone...According to EVERYONE they were amaZing and pretty much everyone's FAVORITE MEAL!!! I really WANTED to be brave and eat one...I mean I tried too...Anali gave me a peice of fish to eat...buuuut it tasted like FISH!!! :( Soooooo I ate some LEFTOVER'S of the pasta...which was goooooood!!!!!!!! Annnnnd MAN you shoulda seen those GUYS EAT THAT NIGHT...Like WOW!!! The tacos could NOT be made fast enough!!! HAHA!!! Annnnnnnnnnnnd that is pretty much the end of THAT night...My sis and I left and missed Jen's LAUGHING ATTACK!!! HAHAHA!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuut it was an AWESOME ANNNND VERY UNFORGETTABLE FOURTH OF JULY...Wonder what NEXT years will be like???
♥Mary Frances :)