Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nerdy? Dork? Crazy?

With the girls from my church this past weekend, We're talking about the kinda guy I'm gonna marry!!! What kind of man do you all see me marrying??? We started naming off different kinds of guys...
Nerdy?! NO! 
Cuz If I marry a guy that is TOO SUPER SMART...I honestly won't know what he is saying....I would live a life of CONFUSION!!! LOLOL
Dork?! NO!!!
Dorks are goofy...buuuut like I don't know...okaaaaaaaay we were having difficulty figuring out the difference between a dork and a nerd...LOL...
Crazy?! NO!
Ummmm NOOOOO...I'm too cRaZy to end up with someone like myself!!! In fact, I do NOT want to marry someone that in anyway reminds me, of ME!!! Heh, heh!
Sophisticated?! No!!!
AHAHAHAHA!!! With my wild sunglasses, constant laughing, snorting, off the wall ideas, my love for Hello Kitty, bright colors, and weeeeeellll with just my Maryness IN GENERAL.. I would be an embarrassment for a man that was so refined...
Someone that's JUST...drum roll puleeeeeeze...
To balance me out...Sheree said she kinda sees me with someone that is just a little bit more on the quiet side...ya know, not that he sits in a corner all by himself...but not exactley a wild tornado passing through with hysterical laughter either...BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I was telling Hanna, like GUESS whaaaaaaat??!?! They thnk that I should marry a guy that is JUST NORMAL!!! Like who ever woulda THOUGHT?!?!?!?! Hanna said that made sense to her and I'm like, Buuuuut I don't wanna be bored either ya know?!?! ANNNNND SHE SAID...
Ya I know, but you do entertain yourself pretty well help needed! BAHAHA!!!I was like,  know!!! I was thinkin that myself!!! Like oh wait, I won't be bored cuz I'll still be with myself!!! 
Who woulda thought!!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)