Wednesday, September 18, 2013

MJ's Improvement!!!

Soooooooo I was telling Mary Jo's teacher at GCA, Sis. Myers, that we are already seeing a HUGE improvement in her academics since she started school this month. HOWEVERRR, I did NOT realize JUST how big of an improvement MJ was having UNTIL this past weekend.
I was talking to my sister about a guy, buuuuuuut I didn't want Mary Jo to know WHO I was talking about, so I spelled his name out to my sis. ANNNNNNNNNNNNND would you believe that, that lil stinker memorized the letters i had spelled annnnnnnd SOUNDED it out till she figured out the guys name!!!
YOU should have seen her eyes light up and a smile of delight filled her face as she smugly said, Oooooo soooooooo THATS WHO YOU LIKE??? I KNEW you liked him!!! I was like, AW MAN!!! She's like, OH I KNOW NOW!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm like MAAAAAAN... she really IS improving!!! I guess I can't be spelling out guys names anymore!!! Thanks A LOT Sis. Myers!!! ;))))
♥Mary Frances :)