Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pin roll curls!!!

I decided to try a new way of curling my hair for church tomorrow!!! Weeeellll... One thing about me is that I love to do my hair all fancy- fancy... Buuuuuht I also get bored easily and am always trying out or making up new hair dos for myself!!  
Tomorrow I wanted CURLS in my hair... Buuuuut I'm trying not to use hot sticks cuz I want my hair to growing ear!!!! So I've been doing lots of rolls, last Sunday I did my hair up and curled it with a curling iron! 
Today,  I was reading passion and purity... And the missionary lady telling her story, said something about doing pin rolls at night.... I was like oooo I know how to do that!!! I remember watching my grandma do it!!! Sooooo I had to try it!!!
I'll let you all know the results tomorrow!!!  In the meantime, I think I look pretty cute with the pin rolls!!! Lol purrrrr!!!