Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Who is this???

Soooooo as most of you all that READ MY BLOG FAITHFULLY know, my iPhone got stolen and I had to get a new one! Sooooooo I lost ALMOST all my old numbers and have been telling everyone to send me a text saying who they are so I can save their number...BTW: If I previously had your number saved into my phone, feel free to send me a text so I can REsave your number!!! Soooo yesturday I get a text from someone that didn't identify themself...
Sooooooo i'm like WONDERING???? And respond with...
I'm thinking, MY MOST AWESOMEST FRIEND EVERRRR??? LIke, hmmmmm...WHO COULD THAT BE??? Then it hit me, there is ONLY one person that description could fit, soooo I responded back with this...
AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Unfortunately, I WAS WRONG!!!! Bahahahaha!!! Buuuuuut it was STILL another LOVELY friend that I'm GLAD texted me annnnnd I need to go hang out with at Starbucks sometime soon...
Buuuuut really you guys, Like my response??? My future husband is sooooooooo gonna be my MOST AWESOMEST FRIEND EVERRRR!!! Remember how I told you all that I won't be "Best" friends with guys anymore? Friends?YES, buuuuuut NOT, BEST FRIENDS!
Its because a BEST friend, is like the closest, dearest friend to you, that you tell everything to and spend all your time with and NOTHING can ever seperate you from each other...annnnnd that spot is reserved in my heart for MY FUTURE HUSBAND!!! He is the ONLY man, besides Jesus, that gets the priviledge of knowing every little thing about me, of sharing my hearts desires with, of having my complete devotion, of being my BEST FRIEND!!! 
♥♥♥♥I don't know who he is,
buuuuuuut when I do,
 EVERRRR!!! ♥♥♥♥
♥Mary Frances :)