Sunday, October 13, 2013


A group of us went this past Friday night to the fair... It was a blast! The original plan was to meet up with the Abbotts and Seth and Alyssa in the demolition derby, buuuuuut we had to get there late annnnnd they wouldn't let us in the show!!!
Soooooo we all decided to just be PENTECOSTAL annnnnd we went and ate instead!!! Lol
They have deep-fried EVERYTHING pretty much!!! I was good and resisted fried foods... Got a turkey leg instead... Buuuuut still thinking about the fried Nutella and fried lasagna... NOT GONNA LIE... Those were hard to resist!!!
We critiqued on the art display... Like what??? You call THIS ART??? Then we voted on our FAVORITE work of art!!! The two fingers were my vote!!! I squealed as soon as I saw it!!!
A few funny things... We kept seeing these men with these HUGE GIANT GORILLAS!!! Soooo finally I stopped and did a lil interview with one of the PROUD recipients! I was like, sooooooo what do you plan to do with it??? He's like KEEP IT!!!! Put it on display in my house!!! I'm like wow!!! You must have an amazingly decorated house!!! Lol
Then We were TRYING to get connected with the Abbotts and Seth and Alyssa... It was like this HUGE PROCESS... Phones service wouldn't come thru... Android FAILED BUUUUUUT of course Apple went thru... ;)... Annnnnd finally I talk to Alyssa we all find each other! So we're together looking at this ice age exhibit... Then Seth and Alyssa are just GONE!!! We thought they had gone to the art exhibit buuuuut after like 30 minutes in there we were like, they DITCHED US!!! After trying to find each for like 45 minutes, they jus go home after like being with us for 15! Turns out they didn't even realize till they go to their car that they forgot to say bye!!! Ooooops!!! Lol it was funny... Buuuut...
The funniest thing happened when we were jus walking around later!!! This lady was in a electrical cart with this HUGE STUFFED ANIMAL annnnnnd JONATHAN was in HER WAY!!! There was like this huge space that she could have gone over to... Buuuut NOOOO....Jonathan NEEDED to move outta her way!!! She's like EXCUUUUUUSE ME!!! Annnnnd she jus like plows through... The look of surprise on on his face as her big stuffed animal grazed his back... It was soooooo funny!!! We all busted up laughing!!! We were joking about it the rest of the night!!! Like, EXCUUUUUUSE me!!! You are in MY WAY!!! Yes, there is a clear path right over here  BUUUUUT YOU NEED TO Mooooooove!!!! Ahahaha!!! Good times!!! Good times!!!
♥Mary Frances :)