Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cali-bay-trip day 5 and 6!!!

Day 5!
Okaaaaaaaaaay soooooo lets get this ALL finished up!!! LOL  I know have many pics for day five of the bay trip!!! i think that during the day I went with my sis and MJ back to the city and I quacked at everyone on the Duck tour...LOL...THEn at night we went back to the city again and we all ate ice cream at the Ghirdalli Chocolate factory! It was VERY YUMMMM!!! I got a Hot Fudge Iceream sundae with chocolate ice cream....Chocolate on chocolate...THE BEST!!! Ooooooooooo NOW I remember, Sooooo Saturday WAS some what eventful....
Saturday IS the DAY that the Neeeeeeighing got started!!! LOL!!! Me, Hanna, Coco and Steven were on the way to the airport to drop Steven off annnnnd somehow the convo was on girls that can't submit to a man. They were say like, a girl that can't submit is like a wild horse that can't be tamed...A wild horse can't have a bridle put on it just runs freely. So Coco says that a woman that won't submit is like a wild horse, she is unbridleable...get it??? 
UnBRIDElable!!!  NOW YOU GET IT????? LOL!!! Then he tells Hanna that from now on everytime she does or says something that HE FEELS is UNSUBMISSIVE, he is going to NEIGH at her and every time HE FEELS she is acting submissive he will baaaaaaah at her like a SHEEP!! Weeeeeeeelllll That just got us ALL NEEEEEEIGHING annnnnd BAAAAAHING at each other the rest of the trip!!! Anytime someone disagreed, NEEEEEEEIGH!!! You agree, BAAAAAAAAHH!!! I highly reccomend trying this with your wives husbands!!! Its a gentle, subtle way of letting her now IF she is indeed acting RIGHT!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! 

Day 6
Sunday MORNING BACK to Church at the Kifle's!!! Its really cool the Kifle's serve food afterwards on Sunday mornings...soooo here we all are in the fellowship hall!
I was having funnnnn with all the kids!!! Made instant friends with them all!!!
Hanna said, SEE MARY, you don't have to stay in AZ, we have Africans here too...
Then in the afternoon we went back to the Kifle's house and just CHILLED! My sis dropped me and Hanna off annnnnnnnnnnd Hanna got in a nap!!! I've learned to just let my friends SLEEP when they need it because some people NEED their naps!!!! I'm NOT a big nap person at all, soooooooooo I got on their computer instead!!!! Ooooooo annnnnnnnnnd would you all believe that MESGANA was the most perfect hostess everrrr to me!!! While his siblings NAPPED, Mesgana came over and asked me if I wanted anything to drink, like some Ethiopian ice tea...that stuff is sooooooo GOOOOOD i could NOT say NO!!!! So he gets me a glass then proceeds to just sit and talk with me!!! Awwww MESGANA your sooooo sweet!!! I can't wait to see you at WCC!!! I hope your ready for a BIG Mar Bear-Sha-nay-nay- HUG and some good purring time together!!! 
Soooooooooo AFTER everyone got up from their naps Hanna and I went to Peets AGAIN!!! LOL This Peets tho that Hanna showed me was THE ACTUAL Peets that she studies and does her homework at all the time. and have had MANY convos here on the phone....soooo it was a Special moment!!! This time I got the Iced MOCHA latte annnnnnnd let me tell you all something, Starbucks mocha latte does NOT compare to PEETS!!!

Awwwwww I love this pic of us!!!! I miss you Hanna, Hanna, my chocolate covered banana!!!! Purrrrr!!!
THEN Hanna, Me, Mesgana and Coco headed out to go to Sunday evening at the Connell's church in....ummmmm...I FORGET the name of the city but its still in the bay about and hours drive from where the Kifle's and Anali live!!!!As soon as we got to the Connell's church we were greeted by a sweet spirit of prayer...once again it felt so good just to be in the presence of God!!!
Thats Jen on the piano, then Hanna and Coco sang...

There's Paul on the drums...
Annnnnnnnnnd this is Bro. Connell...Annnnnnd Hanna had warned me in the car, Bro. Connell will probabley have you testify... annnnnd sure ENOUGH HE DID!!! WARNING: If you go to visit the Connell's church people you better go with a TESTIMONY!!!
Anywayz, Bro. Connell preached a very good message and then we had really good altar call. Afterwards all the young people headed to the Connell's house for some fun and fellowship!!!! Annnnnnnd let me tell you all something Bro. Connell is soooooooooooo much funnnnnnnn!!!! He sat there with us young people and played all kinds of games and brain teasers with us!!! Now Jen had introduced me to her dad last year at WCC, HOWEVERRR, she said that EVERY TIME she would talk to her dad about me he wouldn't remember WHO I was!!! I was like WHAAAAT we can NOT be having this, soooooo Of course I MADE SURE, TO MAKE SURE, that from this point on Bro. Connell would NEVERRRR forget who I am!!!!
 Once you experiance me in all my HYPERRRNESSS, you will NEVERRRR forget me!!! Bro. Connell was making me laugh soooo hard I was like SNORTING!!! Then I had  him guess my age and he guessed me to be 18, I was all like laughing hysterically as i said, "Im 29!!!" He was just lookin at me like really??? I'm like, Yup, i'm turning 30 at the end of this month soooo that means i'm like, OFFICIALLY an adult now, He's like, Uh, noooooo most people start saying that by 25... AT THE LATEST!!! Hanna's like, Oh BUUUUUT MARY is the exception to EVERY RULE!!! LOLOL!!! (Unless its Biblical...duh!) Thats right!!! THATS RIGHT!!! 
Weeeeeeellll WHEN I got back from the trip Jen and I were talking on the phone one night and her dad asked her who she was on the phone with so she says Mary! Do you remember Mary still dad? Then she just starts laughing! I'm like WhaAAAAAT??? She's like, I asked my dad if he remembered you and he just smiled and SNORTED!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yup he remembers ME!!! OH annnnnd i gave Bro. Connell a card for my blog annnd he PROMISED me that he was going to check it out!!! Sooooo I'm thinking that by NOW Bro. Connell SHOULD BE a FAITHFUL CLASSIC MARY MOMENTS reader!!! LOLOL!!! 
Soooooo the LAST game that Bro. Connell played with us was this FOLLOWING directions game!!! He said that this is to see IF we can follow directions. He handed us a paper and we were supposed to do EXACTLEY EVERTHING that the paper told us to do annnnnd EXACTLEY how it told us to do it!!! Its a VERY TRICKY assignment!!! Would you believe that EVERYONE FAILED it??? Except for ONE PERSON!!! annnnnnnnnd WHO do you all think that ONE person was??? 

Miss-Ladies-Of-Legacy-Spirit-Of-Submission HERSELF!!! ;)

I may NOT have a college degree, I may have failed pre-algebra 5 times, I may NOT know where to put a comma at the exactly right place, I may not know how to speak another language, I may not be able to run a mile in less than 30 minutes, I may fall off the platform, trip in flats, Lose my car key daily, get lost going around the block, I  may have failed pre-school annnnnnd I MAY have graduated from high school with straight D's, buuuuuut ONE THING I can do annnnnd THAT IS: 
 You hear that all you Single-Godly-Handsome-On-fire-for-God-burden-for-the-lost-normal-guy-with-a-decent-job-not-in-debt-owns-a-car-never-been-married-no-kids-tithe-payer-young-men that stalk my blog... I may NOT be the brightest bulb in the pack, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut... I CAN do what I'm TOLD TO DO!!! Sooooo...Puuuuurrrrrrrrrr!!!
 Or should a i just say, 
♥Mary Frances :)