Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cali bay trip Day 7!

This is OFFICIALLY the last day of the bay series!!! REALLY I PROMISE!!! Sooooo....Monday was a very relaxed day!!! All the other outta town people had left and Hanna and Anali both had to go to work!!! So T, MJ and myself just kinda chilled!!! I think we went to Peets like TWO more times that day before we left!!! THEN we went to Hanna and Anali's FAVORITE thrift store...Eco Thrift!!!
I got two pairs of really nice shoes there!!!

Then Hanna and Anali got off of work and we hung out at their house for like an hour before we had to leave for the airport!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd I got myself one last glass of Ethiopian iced tea....Okaaaaaaay I think I actually may have drank their whole entire pitcher...Sorry Kifle's!!!! It was good tho...annnnnd WHO KNOWS when i'll ever be able to have some again...its NOT like I just have Ethiopians around the block over here that I can get a glass of tea from, ya know?!?!?!
THEN I remembered that Sis. Kifle and I had NEVERRRR gotten a picture together!!! I was like, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Cuz I really, really, REALLY wanted a pic with her!!! Cuz Sis. Kifle is one of the nicest, sweetest Apostolic ladies you will ever meet!!! She makes AMAZING Ethiopian food and is going to teach me one day how to make it too...sooooo I REALLY wanted this pic with her, buuuuuut  she was taking Mesgana to camp, sooooo I just IMPROVISED!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anali, Me and Hanna, our last moments together...Aparentley I have comfortable shoulders...LOL!!!

Soooooooooo we said our sad, woeful good byes and headed off to the airport annnnnnnnd THEN MJ realized something....SHE HAD FORGOTTEN STANLEY at McDonald's!!! OH Noooooo!!! She was like HYSTERICAL!!!
Soooooooooo I called Hanna and she said she would head right over to McDonald's!!! About ten minutes later Hanna texted me this picture!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnd THIS was MJ's response!!! A HUUUUUGE SMILE!!!
Hanna then told me to tell Mary Jo that Stanley would be bunking with Coco and Mesgana till WCC!!! She WAS completely thrilled by this idea BECAUSE she absolutely ADORES COCO!!! Something about his eyes roll to the back of his head when he is sleeping ANNNNND because he looks JUST LIKE CURIOUS GEORGE'S DAD!!! I was like, WHAAAAAT??? You mean the man with the yellow hat???
 She was like YES!!! I'm like, buuuuuuut the man with the YELLOW hat is Vanilla annnnd Coco IS... COCO!!! HAHA!!!She's like, SOOOOOOO MARY!!! They STILL LOOK JUST LIKE EACH OTHER!!! When you think about it, shes actually kinda right!!! LOLOLOL She's pretty sure that Stanley thinks that Coco is his dad now! She's like, when he sees him he's probabley like, Da-da, dada!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! All she can talk about these days is STANLEY and how she can NOT wait to see him annnnnnnnnnd she has ALL his clothes picked out for WCC!!! Awwwww!!! Soooooooo YES, the trip to the bay started annnnd ENDED with MJ FORGETTING STANLEY!!! 
FINALLY we arrived home annnnnnnnnnd would you believe that there is a Peets in Sky Harbor Airport!?!?!? I was soooooo surprised!!! I guess IF i'm ever really craving PEETS, I COULD go hang out at the air port!!! LOL Weird thing is when I looked it up on my phone it shows the nearest Peets over 350 miles away!!!
AnywayZ, this is THE LAST posts on my bay trip!!! I WILL be back May 23rd for Hanna's college graduation!!! Soooooooooo A Mountain Apart Youth Camp, Puuuuuuuuleeeeeeze do NOT plan the camp for that time or else I was sadly, NOT be there!!! I can NOT miss her graduation!!! (Also, for anyone that was planning on proposing to me on THAT day, you might want to pick another day!;)
Can't wait to see you all at WEST COAST CONFERENCE!!! Wooooohooooo!!!