Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 4 of the...

California BAY TRIP!!!
 You all thought I had FORGOTTEN about the rest of my trip, DIDN'T you???? NOOOOOOPE....I just didn't want you all to get BORED!!! THATS ALL people!!! ;))) Okaaaaaaaaaay sooooo lets see, FRIDAY, the fourth day of our trip there was one of my FAVORITE days!
We all, as in, Me, T, MJ, Hanna, Anali, Jen, Sis. Villasenor, Steven, Coco, Paul, Joe momma and Jamal drove to the city of San Francisco...Now the going to the city part was FUN, but that wasn't my favorite part of the day!
.Going to the city was cool, ANNNNNND some people, AHEM JOE MOMMA, were completely enthralled with everything and snapping like a MILLION and ONE pics...HAHAHA!!! I didn't really think it was like THAT huge of a deal tho, I mean, I've been to NEW YORK CITY five times now a
nd I don't think anything can compare!!! I would LOVE to see Joe there tho...he would be going cRaZy!!! 

Some of the other guys wern't quite as enthralled by the city tho, I'm pretty sure Coco and Jamal were in a contest that consisted of WHO could complain MORE about it!!! Aparently, besides them, some people didn't get enough sleep after the long night of the fourth of July!!!! *GROUCHY!!! LOLOL I was good tho, I had like an OVERdose of coffee that morning  and plus Hanna and I made an EXTRA stop at Peets...Iced coconut white chocolate latte...so all was well in MY WORLD!!! ;) 
Jen, Hanna and Anali...does it get any better than The Kindreds????
This man, he can say a few sentences in like EVERY LANGUAGE!!! Its cRaZy awesome!!! Buuuuut don't stay around to long cuz he starts say STUPID stuff!!! LOLOL

Ooooo LOOK its ME !!! ;) 
I'm someone's VANILLA DREAM...Awwwwwwww!!! LOLOL

We went into this fun lil shop and I like REALLY wanted this lil chocolate baby doll...buuuuuut it was like $16...sooooooooooo I resisted...
Annnnnnnnnnnd got myself this lil puppy dog instead...YES...these are the kinds of things I LOVE to get!!! :)

Wow, I'm looking at my slicked buns in these pics and thinkin, I am soooooooooooo OVER the whole Califirnia doos...they look soooooooo PLAIN...BLAH...its NOT ME!!! I mean, unless i'm in a rush...HAHA...I mean....as .long as my hairs done and neat and not sloppy...right??? RIGHT!!!

tHIS MAN was an AIR musician...in other words, he plays make believe instruments and its so realistic you really think he's playing it...He was selling a CD, which rather confused me...what could be on it??? LOL
Then we went to this pizza place...I don't know why but I ended up being ghetto and just eating the free bread...I really don't know why...I just wanted to waste money on something else I think!!! LOL
Well I think this picture speaks for itself...Coco...Coco...get it???
Paul and Jen!!! Awwwwww!!!
Jen was trying to mimick the guy on the bottle...she did a pretty good job too!!!
These lovely ummmm...Muslim girls... we met them and got them CONVERTED!!! wOOT! WOOOOOT!!! 

Don't know what we're doing...LOL...

Jen and Hanna they look soooo much like each other but with different skin colors...its cRaZy!!! I need to post this thing that Jen did on her phone where you literally can NOT tell who is WHO!!! its cRaZiNeSs!!!

The card we're holding up says, Us. Friends. Always. (AWWWW!)
It was a long day for Steven...LOL...Then someone through some water on him...
After we got back to San Lorenzo, Hanna, Steven, Coco and I went back to the Kifle's and got ready for church that night...we got ready in like literally TEN MINUTES!!! It was pure AWESOMENESS!!! LOL Annnnnnd this was my favorite part of the day...CHURCH!!! There's something about going all week long without church that just left this like, OH I NEED CHURCH FEELING in me!!! From the very beginning of prayer there was a sweet presence of God...

Hanna in action at the piano...
Then Coco had Steven and I testify...
he had notified us on the way over that he was going to have us testify...I cant remember what either of us testified about tho...LOL

Then Coco preached a really good message...I heard him preach three times this week but this Friday night message was my favorite. He just preached about the will of God and praying every day to do his will and how sometimes we think that we have to FIND or Discover the will of God but its really just about living our lives in his will...AnNNNND I told him it was my fav cuz yeah his message on Sunday was good buuuuut its not like i'm struggling with the doctrine or nothing...buuuuut sometimes its just that like simple okay God what do you want me to do NEXT kinda thing... the preaching was better than what I just wrote...LOL...anywayz it was good!!!

Then we had REALLY good altar call annnnnnd THEN we got in the car for the 30-min drive from Berkley back to San Lorenzo and Hanna told me to entertain the guys as she drove...SOOOOO I DID!!! I was telling them all kinds of cRaZy funny stories making everyone laugh!!! Sooooo THEN Hanna's like, Okaaaaay the guys are just going to think that your JUST funny, so now tell them something serious so they can see that there is ANOTHER side to you! I'm like WHAAAAAAT????? Like I mean, THERE is ANOTHER side of me, buuuuuuut, you can't just expect me pull it out like a new hair accessory!!! I'm like, WHAT Do you want me to say??? So Hanna's like, Why don't you tell them your testimony of how you started working with the African kids!  And Coco said that he had been wondering about that soooo..I was like, Oh okaaaaaaay!!! Sooooo  I shared with them my testimony and it was cool to be able to do that....sometimes I forget that it really IS A TESTIMONY and I don't get asked about it by people very much so it felt good!!! It means a lot to me when people show an interest and ACTUALLY ASK ME about them (If you've never heard it you can read it HERE) Even Hanna said tho that I had shared some stuff that she never knew...
AnywayZ, after the "SERIOUS" moment we arrived back at the Kifle's annnnnnnnnd THE FUN started again!!! Hanna made us some BOMB chocolate chip cookies and then we sat around for hours looking at photo albums of when Hanna and Coco were babies...You all are sooooo NOT gonna believe this buuuuut there was a time WHEN COCO WAS ACTUALLY...drumroll please...FAT!!! Yes really!!! Okaaaay maybe just kinda chunky buuuut still...LOL...
Coco's just lookin at Steven in this pic like, DUDE, there NOT THAT GOOD!!! LOLOLOL!!!
Oooooo ANNNNND SOOOO... THEN Hanna pulls out this game called Mind Trap and I'm like, OH you have THAT GAME??? So do we!!! She's like REALLY? I'm like NO one has that game! She's like I know! She's like I used to sit around as kid reading the cards for hours trying to figure them out!!! I was like ME TOO!!! I'm like, I got mine at a thrift store...She's like ME TOO!! Im like NO WAAAAAY!!! Sooooo weird....it was a kindred moment for sure...LOL!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd we were up till super late, Anali came over annnnnnd we knew it was TIME TO GO HOME when people started saying ridiciouls things!!! Like Anali was talking about some car she had seen that looked like an avacado!!!(#So-Ethnic;)  Hanna's like, WOW, its LATE!!! soooooo we're all walking out to the cars annnnnd I just see Steven standing there glowing in the street light and I'm like, STEVEN, you look JUST LIKE A SNOW MAN!!!
 Everyone's like a Snow man??? WHY a SNOW MAN??? I'm like in my absolute HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER MODE at this moment and I'm like, BECAUSE!!! He's a MAN annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd he's WHITE!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Laughing sooooo hard I can't hardly breathe!) Hanna's just like, OKAAAAAY its time to GET MARY HOME!!! LOLOLOL There's like NO reasoning with me at these moments...LIKE anything is just HYSTERICAL!!! Soooooo Day four ended in one of the best ways a day can end LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF!!! 
♥Mary Frances :)