Saturday, October 26, 2013

October FRESH FIRE Youth Rally!!!

The youth rally this past Friday at Bro. Brown's church was AWESOME!!! All the guys did a REALLY GOOOOOOD JOB preaching!!! Somehow, without knowing before hand, God tied all their messages together, it was soooo COOL! One thing that was said was something, Bro. Deli said in his message. He said that he has NO DESIRE to look like the world and all the things it represents! Its his desire to RESEMBLE the word of God!!! I was like PREEEEEACH!!!! It was RIGHT there with my other favorite quote by him when he preached about how when you get REfilled with the Holy Ghost you start cutting some things out of your life...then he starts naming things for himself and he goes, "Sports world??? GONE!!!" I was like YEAAAAAH!!! Cuz theres NOTHING more ANNOYIN then when guys are always taking about the score...blah, blah...or when anyone's talking about any of the worlds shows like American Idol or WHATEVERRRR!!!  Anywayz, All the guys did AWESOME!!! Bro. Tyler Shirk, Bro. Andrew Jones and Bro. Andrew Delacruz(Deli) ummmm I feel like maybe I'm missing one???
Sooooooooo then Bro. Riley summed everything up with an AMAZING message called "A Generation Without A Revelation!" It was sooooo GOOD!!! He was just talking about how the young people in this generation know ABOUT God but they don't really KNOW GOD!!! They have the knowledge but they don't have a relationship!!! And he was talking about how everyone needs to be soooo pumped up to worship but we shouldn't need that...It was just GOOD!!! My favorite line was when he said and okaaaaay i'm gonna paraphrase so i'm not MISquoting...He was saying its one thing when someone new comes from the world and they have to learn how to act and worship in church but us that have grown up in church shouldn't NEED Church 101!!! (Insert me the ONLY one clapping...AWKWARD! LOL Buuuut i LIKE THAT line!!!) Anywayz, I told Suzanne afterward I didn't even know that her husband was such a GOOD PREACHER!!! I mean i'm not like advertising or nothing, i'm just throwing it out there...It was a GOOD MESSAGE!!! I was thinking like, A MOUNTAIN APART YOUTH CAMP!!! WOOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!
 Here I am in the above picture with  Val...she's sooooo PRETTTTTY!!!! (Sorry guys, she's TAKEN!!!;)
Anywayz, after we had us some goooooood CHURRRRRRCH we had us some good SOCIALIZING!!!  We were joking around at church and I was telling our youth leaders that they really need to get the blogger app on their iPad so they can update the youth blog! I'm like I mean, that was THE FIRST app I got on my phone! And someones like, BEFORE you got the Bible app??? I'm like, ACTUALLY I don't even have a Bible app.!!! I mean I don't NEED it cuz I carry my Bible in my purse with me!!! I like to PULL OUT THE ACTUAL BOOK!!! Sooooo My youth leader was like, Yeah, plus don't you just have the whole entire Bible enscribed on your heart??? I was like, OH YES, Thats right!!! When they say to pull out your Bible, I get mine out outta RESPECT, buuuuuuut I don't ACTUALLY gotta flip open MY BIBLE, cuz I just flip opem MY HEART!!!! Uh, huh, uh huh!!!! AHAHAHA!!! J/k!!! ( I flip open my Bible!!!) Wooooooooohoooooo!!!!
 Sooooooooo then we headed out to eat!!!  Let me tell you all something about MEN, they NEVERRRR get lost!!! They MAY be driving around looking for chic-fil-a buuuuut can't find it cuz ITS CLOSED (BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!) and the lights are off, buuuuut that does NOT mean that they are LOST!!! Okaaaaaay people!!! I mean, Chic-fil-a is LOST...they are NOT!!! LOLOLOL! Annnnnnd if YOU HAPPEN to not know where YOU ARE, they WILL help you, because, THEY ARE A MAN!!!  AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Which clueless woman, that get lost going around their block, are VERY THANKFUL FOR!!! :)))))
Then here are some of my favorite girls...

Miriam, Lily and Keri...
MIRIAM!!!!! Ooooo she's soooo CUUUUUUTE!!! Annnnnnnnnd she's SINGLE!!! ;)))) I mean, if your looking for a girl thats always happy, fun-loving and bubbly...

You should meet MIRIAM!!! (OR ME!!!;))))
Mary and Miraiam...the dream team....LOL!
We always gotta get in our Miriam and Mary poses...

Annnnnnnd everyone feels the need to make fun of us....AHAHAHA!!!

Okaaaaaaaaaaay soooooo THEN I met the missing Gonzales brother....
I didn't even know this guys existed till this past Thursday talking to Sis. Gonzales and Tori after school at GCA!!! I mean Sis. Gonzales was talking about her OTHER kids and I was like, WHAAAAAT you have other kids besides Tori and Micheal??? She's like yeah, I actually have 8 kids! I was like WHAAAAAAT??? Your joking right??? Like 8 kids??? The Myers church just had revival!!! LOL She said yeah but only three are biological the others are adopted and live out of state, but her three biological children are in church and living for God! I was like, WOW thats cool, so wheres does your other son that lives for God go to church? She's like, OUR CHURCH! The Myers! I'm like WHAAAAAT??? I've like, NEVERRRR seen him before!!! And they're like, no EVERYONE knows David, I'm sure you know him! I'm like no I don't think so!!! So then they showed me a pic and I was like NOPE neverrrrr seen him!!! LOL Sooooooooooo yeah I met him on Friday...I'm like, I NEVERRR even knew you existed and he's like, oh I know who you are and i'm like WOW I fee like a loser! He's like put on your blog...I'm like OK!!!! Its like I owe it to him since I didn't even know he existed!!! LOL Soooooooo here is DAVID GONZALES LADIES!!! I don't got a lot of info cuz I only talked to him for like five minutes, LIKE, I don't know how old he is, buuuuuuuuuut he's SINGLE, READY TO MINGLE ladies!!!! ;))))
Now here's me and FaitherZ...we had a good time laughing our heads off...solving all the world's problems...IF ONLY people would listen to us, everyone would be married to the RIGHT people....AHAHAHAHAHA!!! WEEEEEELLLL. A FEW people have taken my advice so far!!! ;) Oh and Faith sang soooooo GOOOOOOD!!! She has such an AMAZING VOICE!!! I'm STILL waiting for that CD!!! 
Lets see...what else??? Oh KEVIN Duncan is sooooo FUNNNNNNY!!! He seriously had me cracking up all night with his absurd comments!!!! His big brother should take some humor lessons from him...bahahahahAHAHAHA!!! (Jk! Robby!)Annnnnd he's ALSO extremely talented and owns his own business in graphic designing annnnnnnnnnd he offered to REDESIGN this WHOLE BLOG for FREE!!! (He owes me for something!!! LOLOL) I'm like sooooo excited!!! He's gonna make it look soooooooo AWESOME!!!! He's like, Just to be honest, your blog drives me cRaZy just looking at it!!! Especially the sprinkles!!!! LOL!!! Faith agreed, the sprinkles MUST GO!!! They make her phone crash...LOLOL!!! Anywayz, Kevin's a very talented person, I found out that he's basically good at EVERYTHING!!! (Except yodeling! Lol) He was telling me that he has piano music recorded, you know, girls just love piano music! I was like, NOT ME! I like stuffed animals!!! Silence from everyone! Then, "STUFFED ANIMALS???" YES!!! THEY"RE CUUUUUUUTE!!! 
 All in all, it was a very FUNNNNNN night in which I got home at like 2 AM annnnnnnnnnnnd ended with me locking my key in the car!!! Buuuut then I had left the back window partially open, reached in, unlocked, climbed to the front and got the key...Yup...I started the day with losing my fake tooth and ended with lockin my key...buuuuuuuuuuut It was a good day cuz I found my tooth and I got my key annnnnnd I didn't get lost driving ONCE the whole day...SHEREE DID...BUUUUT NOT ME!!! ;)))) 
♥Mary Frances :)