Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Self-esteem week!!!

Heeeeeeeey you guys!!! I wanted to let everyone know that one of my favoritist friends everrrrr, Anali-Bananali, is doing her second ANNUAL Self-esteem week on her blog! Spanglish101.blogpot.com  I highly reccommend this to everyone to go check out because of how many people really do suffer with low self esteem. The first post was written by Sis. Kathy McKelhaney...Okaaaaaaay I know I spelled that wrong...LOL...buuuuut she really talks about how low self is from not really focusing enough on God. I can  testify that that has been the TRUTH in my life. The times that I have thought the LEAST of myself have been during the times of spiritual dryness. Don't miss this week on Anali's blog.... Go Here!
♥Mary Frances :)