Saturday, November 2, 2013

Homemade twix bars!!!

Im like sooooo proud of these!!!
I saw the recipe a while ago on Pinterest and have been wanting to make them!!! I heard the guys at church rating them, they got an 8.5! Like really???? I was thinking  like WHATEVERRRR!!! Lololol I tasted them this morning and personally gave them an 11.5! Haha!!! And you can't say that I'm just saying that cuz I made them, cuz the cake balls I made this week got a -8.5 annnnnd the apple crisp I made I give a 1, let's jus say it's more just CRISP than Apple!!! Lol!!!! Ugh I've done sooooo much cooking this week!!!! After I fry my rice balls today I'm DONE till after WCC!!!