Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When MJ gets married!

I looooooove my niece!!! She totally cracks me up! So the other day I'm in the kitchen cooking, baking etc... And she is like, Mary when I get big I want you to teach me how to cook for my husband!
I'm like ok sure! She's like yeah, I'll probably learn how to make him stuff like macoroni and cheese... Then she pauses and says, very seriously weeeeeeeelllll....
 Unless I marry a black man...
Then I had BETTER learn...
        how to make some...
                    FRIED CHICKEN!!!
Ahahahahahahahaha!!!  I loooooove it!!!
Soooooo white boy that marries MJ JUS get Mac and cheese, black boy gets THE GOOOOOOOD STUFF!!! 
Now, I personally, can make some pretty bomb fried chicken, annnnd I'm willing to make it for ANY COLOR that I marry!!! ;)