Monday, November 11, 2013

Teaching Toddlers!!!

Soooooo this past Sunday morning, I after getting home from WCC after 2:30 am, I arrived to church late and half dead!!! lol!!! I'm walking into the sanctuary and my pastor asks me if I'll teach my moms Sunday School class cuz she couldn't make it... I'm like, ummmm sure!!! Like, no prep time, this just going to be an AMAZING lesson!!! Lol
Sooooo my pastor asks my sis in law Liz to help me, so we I sit down with the kids trying to figure out what I'm going to teach them,  I'm like okaaaaay children, how would you all like to learn how to purrr today???? Ahahahahahahahaha!!! They're like, YES!!! I'm like JK!!
Soooo I jus like make up a lil lesson for them, I'm like totally just rambling about praying and talking to Jesus! Then I start talking about honoring your parents and how that means obeying, blah, blah, BLAH!!! 
Then I'm like who here has ever given their mommy or daddy an ATTITUDE??? All the kids nod they're heads admitting to it! I'm like, annnnd THEN what happens to you guys???? SPANKINGS right??? They all say YES, except one lil girl!!! She says...
          Buuuuut NOT if you smile at them!!!
Ahahahahahahahaha!!! Someone had they're daddy ALL figured out!!!