Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful THAT there is STILL

Soooooo last Sunday, Bro. Jimmy was teaching in the adult class about having a greatful heart. He was talking about how we are so quick to complain when we have a problem, when we really just need to be THANKFUL!!!
He was like, you know, instead of complaining that your car broke down, try just THANKING GOD, that you even have a CAR, to break down! 
(Now I could totally relate to THAT, after $540, my car is now purrrrring like her momma! Buuuuut really, I am greatful, that I have a job, to pay the bill, to get my car fixed, so I can drive to work, and pay the next bill! ;)
Annnnnnd with that thought, I just wanted to say, THAT Instead of whining and complaining about all the guys that have crushed my heart, by NOT likeing me back...
I just want to say THAT...
I am thankful that there are still
   SINGLES GUYS, actually LEFT,
             TO CRUSH MY HEART!!!