Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When I get married!!!

Sooooooo Friday at WCC, a group of us went to this really cool resturaunt for lunch one day! I think it was called Tokyo Steakhouse, or something like that! Anywayz, it was one of those Asian places where they grill your food for you right there at your table! It was really FUNNNN annnnnd SUPERRRR GOOOOOOOD!!!! 

However, as I was sitting there watching our food being cooked, I thought, THIS WOULD BE THE COOLEST EVER KITCHEN TABLE TO HAVE WHEN I AM MARRIED!!! I mean, think about it, I would have one if my cutesy aprons in, with matching hair accessory, and my husband could just sit there in AW of me as I cooked for him!!! (Don't be rolling your eyes at me! I heard what Bro. Lambeth said at WCC, treat him like a KING annnnnnd he'll treat ME like a QUEEN!!! Soooo purrrrr;)
I would be like, ok Honey, here's your blueberry pancakes! Oh would you like bacon with your eggs Handsome? Here's your quesadilla baby! Eyes on ME as I make your grilled cheese!!!
*sigh!! Soooo ROMANTIC!!! ;)

 Okaaaaay OR REALITY might be more like,  okaaaaaay, EYES ON ME as I BURN your food!!! Hahaha!!! ;) 
I imagine him jus quietly sitting there, not saying anything, but one hand on the fire extinguisher... READY for a CLASSIC MARY MOMENT!!!! Bahahahaha!!! He'll just kinda nod his head as he puts out the fire, like, yup, I SAW THAT COMING! And I'll be like, HOW DID YOU KNOW??? Annnnnd he'll jus smile and be like, because, YOUR MARY!!! And I'll jus be like, PURRRRR!!! Yup, that's DEFINATLEY more likely what will happen!!
        Still equally as ROMANTIC!!! *sigh!!!
Lolololololololol!!! ;))))))