Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Almost MY HUSBAND!!!

I was on Holy Ghost Radio the other day and they had Sis. Donna Linville on!!! Sis. Linville is a a funny inspirational woman's speaker and pastor's wife! Soooo she is on and she is telling this story about HOW she was on a road trip with her husband and they stopped at a gas station. She is driving and her husband is sitting in the back so that her mom can sit in the front...So her husband gets out and they are getting ready to leave and her husband says wait, so she waits for him to get in, she hears the door slam so she takes off driving. Now she says her husband is a quieter man so The WHOLE time Sis. Linville is just talking away to her husband from the drivers seat!!! And they're all driving a long for about 30 minutes when they go into a little town and there is a HUGE clock tower and she sees that it is MIDNIGHT!!!
Now they're had just been a messaged preached at the conference they were at that night about the Midnight hour and Jesus coming back! So she says, Oh Momma, isn't that something, we heard about the Midnight hour tonight and its MIDnight right now! Her mom, says oh yeah wow! Then she says to her husband, Honey, is that SOMETHING, its the MIDnight hour?? All she hears in return from her husband is complete SILENCE!!! She's like, HONEY, its midnight...once again, NOTHING!!! She's like, HONEY??? She turns around and just sees an empty back seat!!! She's like, OH MOMMA he's GONE!!! HE's gone!!! The rapture happened and we must have gotten left behind!!! The two of them are just like FREAKIN out!!! She's like, ANNNND I'm a PASTOR'S WIFE!!!
FinaLLY, her and her mom decided to drive BACk to the gas station and when they got there, there was her husband standing there in an empty parking lot, holding a cup of coffee! She said as SOON as he saw her he said, I said WAIT! She's like, I thought you were just still getting in the car, when the door slammed I thought you were in so I took off driving! Her husband says, yeah, well when I saw you driving off I told the gas attendant, give her about 30 minutes and she'll think the rapture happened!!! AHAHAHAHHAHA!!!
The whole story is SUPER funny but the part that just REALLY made me laugh was when she says, I mean, it was sooo NORMAL for me to talk for 30 minutes straight and expect absolutely NO response back from him the whole time!!! Talking for 30 min and he doesn't expect him to talk! I was like, THAT IS SOOOOO gonna be ANALI and WHOMEVERRRR she marries!!! BAHAHAHHAHAH!!! I would say its gonna be ME, buuuuuuuuuuuuut, there is NOOOOO WAY, MY HUSBAND, is going allow MY MOUTH to be running annnnnd HAND ME OVER the key too!!!
30 minutes of straight talkin and NO response???  YES!!!!
While driving??? NOOOOOOO!!!
♥Mary Frances :)