Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy Christmas Eve!!!!

We just had THE FUNNNNNEST Christmas Eve everrrr with my fam!!! Sooooooooo its an Italian tradition, every Christmas Eve, we have a HUUUUUUGE fish dinner!!!! YUCK...buuuut still a blast!!! AHHAHAHAHA!!!
My mom likes to do all the holiday dinners at our  house...cuz at their house Dad is ALWAYS trying to lure the kids in the living room to watch Christmas movies with him!!!! LOL
Me and my mommy!!!
 I just thought I looked ADORKABLE in my apron!!! LOL


 After dinner we all opened our stockings full of goodies...the kids were ESTATIC about this!!! I had put a SPECIAL gift for my sis-in-law Gracie in her stocking...BAHAHHAHAHA!! IF your on my mass email list you'll KNOW what i'm talking about!!! We were like HYSTERICAL!!!!


 Oh look at me in my apron again...LOL...
Me and T!!!
 Waaaaaaaaaaait did you all see how CUUUUUTE I look??? ;))))
Then my brother REALLY wanted this picture with me...he said he has always wanted a picture with such a world famous and Biblically historical person...
Then after dessert and all the cleaning, dishwashing...I ummmmm broke something and glass shattered EVERYWHERE...buuuuuuut at least this year it wasn't the tray of egg plant parmesian... I mean last Christmas eve I think I was gonna get hung for ruining that!!! LOL
 annnnnnnnnnywayz, after all that we played Wits and Wagers!!! If you've neverrrr played this game its definatly worth purchasing!!!

John was in CHARGE, which he is VERY GOOD at doing!!!
 We were all like whooping annnnd hollering and carrying on...okaaaaaaaaaaay soooooooo ihave like NO CLUE of world or american history, buuuuuuuut somehow I KNEW when the first bikini came out!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
One of the questions was, How many men signed the Declaration of Independence??? I was like, 12!!! Ooooooo WAAAAAAAIIIIIT!!! I that's the disciples!!!
The first game Liz won!!!!

  Waaaaaaaaaaaait you guys look at my apron!!!

 Annnnnnnnd the second game we TOTALLY thought Jewel was gonna win buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut as you can see...
John won the last game!!
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! All in all it was a super funnnnn night!!! We all plan on playing this again tomorrow night!!! By the time everyone was leaving I was EXTREMELY hyperrrrr Annnnnnnnnd the night basically ended with me outside YELLING!!! SANTA IS COMING!!! YOU GUYS SANTA IS COMING TONIGHT!!!!! EVERYONE SANTA IS COMING!!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)