Sunday, December 29, 2013

How Rumors Get Started!!!

Sooooooooooo a couple of days ago, MJ and I were listening to a radio drama together. The story was about a little girl who's dad is in jail. Well this little girl in the radio drama has the same last name as one of MJ's friends at school...
So we're sitting there listening and MJ is like, OH MARY!!! That girl has THE SAME last name as my friend!!! THEN as she is listening some MORE and they are saying that the girls dad is in jail, MJ, she pauses, her eyes get really big and she says, referring to her friend's dad, SOOOOO BRO. SO-SO-AND-SO IS IN JAIL????
I was like, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOm MJ... this is ADVENTERUES IN ODYSSEY!!! Not REAL LIFE!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Buuuuuuuut YEAH, that's sooooooooo HOW RUMORS GET STARTED!!!! That Mr. Whitikar, I tell ya...he's BEHIND IT ALL!!!
♥Mary Frances :)