Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm gonna marry a...

I was texting someone the other day, and I was fixing all the typos I had made annnnnnd they let me know they told me that I am, the typo QUEEN!!! Edit!!! 
I was like, ACTUALLY...Nooooo only the typo princess!!! I won't be queen till I get married!!! Haha ;)
They said I'm a mess and I said; I'm gonna marry an EDITOR!!! Lol seriously, I always used to think it would be soooooo romantic to marry a fellow writer!!! Buuuuuut I've come to realize that an editor would be sooooo much more beneficial!!!!
Then they said that Instead of the song, "You light up my life!" it'll be - "You eeedit my life!"  I'm like ooooo thats soooooo perfect!!! LOVE IT!!!!
 My editor, he's not awesome in the way I am, he'll be awesome in the fact that he'll be able to enjoy my wonderful self but condense me when I'm just TOO much, correct me when I'm off, motivate me , keep me on track, all the while, him havin me to liven and sparkle up his world...ooooo sooooo romantic!!!