Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Little Debbie???

Soooooooooo this past Sunday, our youth had a bake sale, one last push and fundraiser before Conqueror's Conference!!! I donated several of my Cake rolls annnnnnnnnnd then I stayed up till 2 in the morning on Saturday night making something that I have been DYING to make!!!! Whoopie pies from my Amish baking cook book!!! A treasured Christmas gift that my mom gave me four years ago...I'm telling you all, THIS COOK BOOK, has THE BEST recipies...Everytime I make something from this cook book people RAVE over it!!! I tell ya, THE AMISH may NOT know how to dress...buuuuuut they SHO do know how to cook!!!!
Sooooo I found this recipe that I have been dying to make for YEARS for these whoopee pies...Which are basically just, Oatmeal cream pies, you know, like the lil Debbie ones??? I mean WHO doesn't loooooooooove those??? Buuuuuuuuut I RENAMED mine...wrapped them in saran wrap and printed off the most adorabelist name tags for them!!!! This is what they said...
Little Debbie
Fluffy Mary's
Oatmeal Cream Pies
I basically made these, PURPOSELY to make everyone laugh!!! Mission accomplished!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I showed them to my pastor and he was all like, FLUFFY Mary???? He's like, I don't get the FLUFFY part!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)