Friday, December 6, 2013


Good news: WE HAVE A COMPUTER AGAIN!!!! Woooooohooooo!!! Sooooooo many good blog posts to write up for you all!!! I HAVE sooooo missed the feeling of my fingers flying across the keyboard!!! Altho, I must say, they do still manage to fly pretty fast across my iPhone!!! I love writing people like these paragraph text messages in like less than a minute and then they respond back with like one sentence and feel all bad...I'm like, noooooo its FIIIIIINE....I text like I talk and I know your just texting me LIKE YOU TALK!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Not sooooo good news: The damage from my ahem...ummmm collision (Don't worry...I'll do a blog post on that SOON!!! My pastor's wife said its TOO FUNNNNNY to NOT tell you all and she said at this point I might as well!!! Plus I keep telling EVERYONE about it ANYWAYZ....sooooo I may as well just tell THE WHOLE ENTIRE world of Pentecost that reads my blog too!!!)  Sooooo the damage can be fixed for ONLY $300...HOWEVERRRR... Looks like Sha-nay-nay's engine is GOING!!! Waaaaaahhhhh!!! This was PREVIOUS too the wreck, I had just had my pastor check it out at the park and he took it for a drive and everything annnnnd Its not for 100% yet tho... The mechanic didn't know for sure...buuuuuuuuuuuut... that's what he thought...buuuuut he said he didn't know for brother is still going to look at it!!! Its kind of a bummmmmmmerrrr deal...especially since I put $550 bucks into it right after WCC...buuuuuuuut its POINTLESS to have a pity party...whatda ya gonna do except PRAY AND SAVE??? Ooooo annnnnd RETURN black Friday finds...BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! People ask me if I have a savings...I'm like YUP I ALWAYS keep my receipts!!! Weeeeeeeelllllll I would say more buuuut we're leaving to go to Zoo lights pretty soon with the fam and friends from church!!!
♥Mary Frances :)