Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year EVERYONE!!!  I just had a total blast with my family and friends tonight!!!! We had a party at my brother's house!!! Lotsa food!!! All breakfast items...Pancakes, breakfast burritos, bacon, eggs, fried ham annnnnnnd...biscuits and gravy... Hanna and Anali, YES, I said my biscuits and gravy...BE JEALOUS HANNALI!!!! LOLOL
Then we played Balderdash... The first word was tattogy... I said, Tattogy: The study of tattoing! I thought I was soooooo brilliant to come up with that buuuuut someone else did too...THEN...My brother's ruined all my AWESOME defintitions by KNOWING which ones were me....Soss: A fluffy flower found in the aftermath of a volcano...Awesomess right??? my brother's were like, that's MARY!!! I'm like HOW did you know...they're like, YOU used the word FLUFFY...that's sooooooooo MARY!!! Annnnnnnd the word squonk...I think that one made us laugh THE HARDEST!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaah I LOVE that game!!!
Then we went outside and basically had a countdown with everyone on my brother's block till the New Year!!! Then we lit off a TON of fire works!!! We had THE GOOD STUFF...annnnnnnd when I say, THE GOOD stuff, I mean, THE ILLEGAL STUFF!!! Woooooooot! WOOOOOOT!!!! Theeeeeeen my brother's DRUNK neighbor came over and introduced herself...LOL annnnnnnnnd yeah we all had a BLAST!!!
Then I went to my mom's house annnnnnnnnnd when I left I was soooooooo HYPERRR I honked the horn for like a minute straight...I'm suuuuuuuuuure her neighbors all just LOOOOOVE me!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Nooooooooooow its 2 am annnnnnnnnnnnd I should be going to be bed cuz we gotta get JEN LORD from the airport...buuuuuuuuuuut I had coffee at four this afternoon annnnnnnnnnnnd I"M LIKE SOOOOOOOO NOT EVEN TIRED!!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)