Monday, January 20, 2014

January 2014 Youth Rally!!!

We had such a blast this past Friday night!!! You know we have these youth rallies at Bro. Brown's church in Avondale about 3-4 times a year! They do Fresh Fire where they give the young men some time to preach...then they have one person that is like a seasoned minister wrap everything up with a preaching message.
We had Tommy and Stultz up there representing LPC this time!!! They did a great job...Makin our church proud! Whoop! Whoop!!! For my brothas!!!  I had told the guys at church Wednesday night that I would wear my Apostolic Cheerleading outfit for them since they were preaching!!! I'm sure they were sooooo HONORED!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
After all the guys preached, Bro. Brown got up and preached a INCREDIBLE message. I would like to paraphrase it for you all...He talked about how if you like, steak or ANY MEAT for that matter, you can't complain about the butcher!!! You can't get mad at the slaughter house!! He talke all blood and guts and GORE about what happens to the cows as they are being killed...some of the girls were getting queasy...I was sooooo like WHATEVERRRR about it!!! bLOOD AND guts don't bother me to much...Till he said that as the cows are waiting in line to be slaughtered, they ACTUALLY know what is going to happen to them and they start crying! Ooooooh when he said that all of the sudden I started feeling choked up!!! COWS CRY??? Maaaaaan, now that will get my emotions!!! And Bro. Brown kept saying, this is GRUSOME, buuuuut IF you like steak, YOU CAN'T GET MAD AT THE BUTCHER!!!
Then after all that Bro. Brown says annnnnd I said ALL THAT to say this, I LIKE GOOD CHURCH!!! How many of you like good church!!! Annnnnd everyone is all standing up clapping...he says your clapping now but you may not be feeling that way in a minute...Annnnnnnd I SOOOO thought I knew where he was going with his message!!! I THOUGHT he was going to say, that Jesus was slaughtered for us and that's WHY we have good church...buuuuuuuut OH NO!!! He got right down to the heart of the matter!!! He said we have GOOD CHURCH, because we have a PASTOR!!! Annnnnnnnd THE PASTOR is like THE BUCHER at the slaughtering house...
 annnnnnd SOMETIMES we just gotta be told up by the pastor!!! And it HURTS!!! And its EMBARRASSING!!! Its SHAMEFUL!!! WE DON'T LIKE IT...buuuuut it NEEDS TO BE DONE... He said that if you want to go to a church and not get your feeling hurt ever, THERE ARE churches you can go to that will do that for you...buuuuuut its NOT GOOD CHURCH!!!! Buuuuuuut, IF YOU LIKE GOOD can't get mad at the pastor when he slaughters you!!! IF YOU LIKE GOOD CHURCH... you can't complain about the pastor!!! There is a PRICE we pay for GOOD CHURCH! He says soooo much more, annnnd the sermon is OBVIOUSLEY waaaaay better than what I could ever say in my own words!!!
I'm really HOPING that they recorded this and that you all would be able to request a copy of it...this is such a good message...REALLY think that message should be blasted all over Holy Ghost Radio!!!! If you wanna try and get a copy you can contact their church HERE!!!!
Okaaaaaaaaaaaay on to THE FUN stuff again!!! Here is Kevin and I doing selfies!!! LOL
Kevin was soooo in AWWWW of a pic with me he started singing, "Some People Wait A life-time for a moment like this!" BAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Me and Miriam got our annual pics together!!! Sooooo ADORABLE!!!
Keri put her hands on the two of us and was like, did you two hear what Bro. Brown said about QUET AND DEMURE??? buuuuuuuuuut we were laughing to hard at that moment to really respond!!! LOLOLOLOLOL
Buuuuuuuut nooooo then Me and Miriam were like OH MY when he was talking about girls being quiet and demure how we were feeling SOOOO LIKE...NOOOOO... like we were being blasted...Like the spotlight was sooooo SHINING down on us both at that very moment!!! I'm like, I know!!!! I kept thinking like, OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't talk about quiet and demure...GO BACK TO GIRLS DRESSING MODESY!!! I've got that down!!! I got it covered!!! (No pun intended!!! HAHA!!!) See, I don't like being slaughtered...buuuuuuuuut we ALL NEED IT!!! 
Demure...that reminds me, this one time I liked this one guy and I was talking to my mom about him and she was all like, Oh Mary, just act demure around him! i'm like, DEMURE???? How am I supposed to act THAT??? I don't even know what it means!!!! Annnnnnnnnd I LOST my dictionary!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Annnnnnd this is the picture of the Three Mars!!! Mary, Miriam, Mary annnnd Miranda...Mary Elizabeth was getting confused with a all the Marys and Mar' was quite funny!!! LOLOL
Theeeeeeeen we all went and played volley ball!!!! Annnnnd let me tell you all something, I WAS AMAZING!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I ACTUALLY did get a FEW good hits!!!
There was this ONE time I hit the ball annnnd it was sooooooo GOOOOOOOD!!! It was like THE PERFECT hit!!! I just broke out with singing, A MOMENT LIKE THIS...

Annnnnnnnnnd OF COURSE I was STILL singing when the ball came back to me annnnnd MISSED!!! LOLOLOL Heeeeeey it was a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME kind of moment!!!
Anywayz, it was A BLAST!!! We all had funnnnn TOGETHER annnnnnd even tho I may not have been the GREATEST asset to have on anyone's team....
I DID do a good job of keeping everyone entertained!!! HEeeeey someone NEEDS the job of just keeping things STIRRED UP!!! Anywayz, it was ALL a blast we all stayed hanging out till Bro. Shirk came and broke up the party...cuz he had to go to work!!!! AnywayZ, it was soooooo good seeing all of my AZ Frienderrrrrrs!!! Cant wait till NEXT TIME!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)