Thursday, February 20, 2014

Made my night!!!

 Soooooo this TOTALLY made my night last night!!! Went to pick up a group of kids for church last night and of course when you get there, there is absolute CHAOS!!! Who's coming, who's looking for someone else that's coming, etc.. Well I saw three of the 12-year-old girls that have been coming walking over towards me in LONG SKIRTS!!! I'm like heeeeey are you girls coming tonight? They're all like, what DO YOU MEAN are we coming tonight??? LOOK AT US MARY??? We're in church clothes!!! I'm like, I know you guys look really NICE!!! They're like, Yeah, We're wearing LOOOOONG SKIRTS LIKE YOU MARY!!!
I'm like AWWWWWWWW!!!! Then one of the girls is all like, what are you Mary? I'm like what do you mean? She's like, I mean your like Lutheran or what? I'm like no I'm Pentecostal! She's like OK yeah, that's what we're doing, we're LOOKING Penecostalian tonight!!! AHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Sooooooo CUUUUUUTE!!!!  No greater reward than starting to see the lil changes God is doing!!!!TOTALLY MADE MY NIGHT!!!
♥Mary Frances :)