Monday, February 17, 2014


 Sooooooooo Sunday night I went with my family after church to Barros pizza. I'm TOO CHEAP to ya know, ACTUALLY buy my own drink so I jus figure I'll swipe drinks from my sis's drink, I mean, it IS FREE REFILLS!!! So my sis tells me to go get a refill on her drink since I had been drinking it. So I get one and then I come back...we are eating...annnnd I'm taking drinks from the cup that is in front of me...I'm like MAN there isn't very much left...its tasting pretty watered down...
Then my sis is like, OH you got diet Dr. Pepper this time instead of diet coke? I'm like, oh yeah, and its tasting pretty watered down too, should I get a refill again? She's like, No its still full! I'm like NO its NOT!!!! I pick up the almost empty cup that is sitting in front of me and I'm like, no its NOT!!! She's like, that's NOT my cup! I'm like, Ummmm WHO'S CUP IS THIS? I ask my sis-in-law sitting in front of me and she's like, nope mine is right here! I ask EVERYONE else at the table if THAT cup was THEIR CUP annnnnd EVERYONE at the table was like NOPE and held up their cup! I'm like weeeeeeeeeellllll WHERE in the word did that cup come from?!
FINALLLLLLLYYYYY...My niece is all like,
It was sitting on our table when we got here!!!
♥Mary Frances :)