Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. PATRICK'S DAY!!!

 Soooooooooo 364 days of the year I am ITALIAN..buuuuuuuuuuuuuut today is the day that I CLAIM my IRISHNESS!!! Which, I should PROBALBY to MORE often since I basically look like 100% Irish!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Someone told me THIS MORNING, that NOOOOO I totally look Italian!! I'm like, NOOOOO ACTUALLY I DON"T! They're like, besides your WHITE SKIN  you look ITALIAN!!! Your features are ITALIAN!!! I'm like, weeeeeeelllll I actually look A LOT like my dad!!! People have told me before when they see me that I look like him with a wig...annnnnd plus i'm like the exact FLUFFY version of his sister, minus the RED HAIR...oooooo GOD that woulda been AWESOME if you had blessed me with red hair...ANNNNNND I look just like my dad's grandma...soooo YEAH...pretty sure I got the IRISH looks going on!!! EXCEPT my blue eyes are ITALIAN!!! Remember I said HERE that I discovered that I  have ITALIAN EYES!!!
AnywayZ, I went ALL out with the green annnnnd thought I looked ADORKABLE!!!
I had a green scarf, a big green flower,
GREEN heart shaped sunglasses

 annnnnnnnd GREEN Converse!!!
 Plus, when I wear green my eyes sorta look greenish...okaaaaaaay just use your IMAGINATION on that one people...LOL!!! Annnnnnnnd i'm pretty sure that everyone that saw me was GREEN with envy!!! Hee, hee!!! Oh don't worry people...still keeping with my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION annnnd did NOT spend any money!!! I did NOT go shopping!!! This is ALL stuff I ALREADY HAD!!! :)))))))))))
Then I went over to my mom's with my Kiss Me I'm Irish pin on!!! My mom's like OH your all decked out? What are you doing today? Annnd I'm like yeah mom, NOTICE MY PIN??? I'm gonna be hanging out with Ching-chong-chow...Ching-chong-chow is my BIGGEST crush everrrr just in case you were wondering...HEH, HEH, HEH...annnnnnnnnd you know what my mom said??? She said...
Then my mom was like, OH are you going to post that picture on your blog?! I was like, GASP...NOOOO MOM!!! She's like, Oh but you look soooo CUTE!!! I'm like, buuuuut the PIN, Isn't that like INAPPROPRIATE??? She's like REALLY Mary?! Its NOT like anyone is ACTUALLY going kiss you!!! I'm like OH yeah, that's TRUE!! My mom would SOOOOO like FLIP a LID IF I EVERRRRR DID ACTUALLY KISS SOMEOME!!! AHAHAHAHA!!! Annnnnnd don't worry people, I'm JUST as determined as EVERRR to keep my promise to God to NOT kiss a man till my wedding day at the altar...In case you didn't read that past you understand my REASON for this decision HERE...Sooooo anyway, this PIN was STRICTLY for MY FAMILY!!! LOLOL
I just felt like I should post the pic with the pin IF ONLY FOR THE FACT, that my brother John, the world's most FRUGAL, CHEAPEST, person everrrr, ACTUALLY SPENT ONE WHOLE DOLLAR buying that pin for me!!! I mean, I'm STILL IN SHOCK about that!!!
Now IF your wondering WHAT St. Patrick's Day is all about, I honestly DO NOT KNOW!!! Buuuuuuuuuuuut there is an AIO where they go into the IMAGINATION STATION, annnnnd it makes the day out to be VERY SPIRITUAL!!! LOLOLOL They aren't playing that one today, buuuuuuut they are playing a VERY good one that speaks out against superstions and luck! You can listen to that one HERE!!! (annnnd don't worry...I'm NOT posting this because of ANYONE that may have JOKINGLY said, Brian Regan's "Take Luck!" to me today!!! I was like, its TOTALLY gonna seem like that...soooooooo LET ME SAY THAT I'M NOT SAYING that cuz of that...I know THE JOKE!!! BAHAHAHAH!!!) Its a really good AIO cuz it talks about how luck and all that stuff is one of the devils tricks to distract us from trusting in God...I'm like WOW Mr. Whitikar REALLY used to take a stand and speak out about stuff!!!
 I think he may have even read this post HERE!!! HAHA!!!
AnywayZ, my brother posted this on our family GROUPME sooooo I thought I would share it with you all...
Have a GREAT DAY!!! Don't be supersticius...just wear green, listen to AIO and eat some corned beef and cabbage!!!
♥Mary Frances :)