Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Driving in to trash cans????

Sooooooooooo a couple of weeks ago, when we were driving to the Gaither Homecoming concert, out of the blue MJ announces to EVERYONE in the vehicle, yeah, you shoulda seen Mary driving the other day, she was TOTALLY driving into trash cans and EVERYTHING!!! I was like, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? No I was NOT!!! She's like, OH YES you WERE MARY!!! My sis is just looking at me and everyone is all like Ooooo she is TELLING ON YOU!!! I was like, this is soooooooooo NOT TRUE!!! My sis was like, it sounds to ME like it IS!!! Annnnnnnd MJ is like OH you KNOW it is TRUE MARY!!!
 Soooooooooo i'm jus sitting there like ACTUALLY starting to think, DID I CRASH INTO SOME TRASH CANS??? I mean, who knows, MAYBE I REALLY DID!!! I'm like, Oh did M??? I don't think I did...buuuut maybe I did... Mary Jo, who is sitting in the very back jus yells out,
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Four days LATE...buuuuuuuuut SHE GOT ME!!! Annnnnnnd after EVERYTHING I pulled on April fools, I guess I kinda may have deserved it!!! ;))))We all like DIED LAUGHING!!!
 It was tooooo funnnnny and cuuuuuuute and
♥Mary Frances :)