Monday, April 28, 2014

Soooo COOOOOL!!!

I was driving home this morning from taking MJ to school and I just all of the sudden started thinking about Bro. Votaw, the man of God that got our family in the church in NYC!!! He answered the call of God and won Sis. Kathy, our neighbor across the street who witnessed to my mom and I was just thinking how he then taught my mom the truth, and I was just thinking about how if I could see him RIGHT NOW, I could just give him a BIG HUG!!! I LOVE THAT MAN for what he did for our family.
Then I got home and turned on HGR and heard a man talking about how he started a church in NYC that is still there today, I was like OH there are two Pentecostal churches in NYC now??? Then he goes onto say and since that time I've become a missionary to Asia...I was LIKE Aaaaaaaahhhh its BRO. VOTAW!!!!! I'm sooooooooo SIKED!!! (#385) Whereverrrr you are in the world right now Bro. Votaw, overseas or here in the U.S. I THANK YOU FOR ANSWERING THE CALL OF GOD!!!
Annnnnnnnnnnd if any of you all reading this blog post happen to have him preach at your church, you tell him that MARY GINTY, says HEEEEEEEEEEY!!!
♥Mary Frances :)