Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Forgetting my phone...

Sooooooo a couple of weeks ago at GCA i'm in the bathroom with a friend who is changing her babies diaper, when she is done she is walking out to prayer, holding all her stuff and is like, OH I must have left my purse in the church during prayer, I'm like JENNIFER, its ON YOUR SHOULDER!!! Sooooooooo we're all laughing and I'm all, WOW!!! Your really starting to act like ME NOW!!!
Then I'm all, YOU KNOW WHAT I DID THE OTHER DAY??? I was talking to my friend Hanna on the phone and I'm walking out the door mentally checking that I have everything, Keys, purse, drink, then i'm like, TO HANNA AS I'm TALKING TO HER, Oh NOOOOOOOOOO I FORGOT MY PHONE!!! She's like, y0u forgot WHAT Mary??? I'm like ooooo WAIT, never mind I'm TALKING ON IT!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
After telling my story, Jennifer was like okaaaaaaaaaaay I am NOT as bad as you!!! I'm like yeah, I pretty much take airhededness to a WHOLE new level!!!!
Its called...
MARYNESS!!! :))))
♥Mary Frances :)