Friday, May 2, 2014

my gwappo!!!

 Sooooooo the other day I picked up my lil nephew and I was like, Gwappo, do you know WHO the COOLEST little boy in the WHOLE WORLD IS??? And he says, ME, Aunt Mary!!! I was like awwww Jose HOW did you know I was going to say YOU??? He's all,
Then he says, ANNNNNNNNND...
Then I went into total AWWWWWing freak out mode!!! I was hugging and smothering him in kisses!!! THEEEEEEEEN later on I remembered something from when he was born...
 I remember sitting in the waiting room at the hospital in Scottsdale, waiting AND waiting AND WAITING for you to be born...AND when you FINALLY were, I HAD to make sure I brushed my hair for him before I came to see him for the first time. (I wanted to make a GOOD first impression!;)
I remember it sooooooo clearly, I brushed my hair JUST for him!!! When my brother Joe said we could go see him for the first time I grabbed my brush...The boys were like WHY are you brushing your hair?!?!?I said, CAUSE, I wanna look GOOD for Jose!!! =) They INFORMED me that Jose DID NOT CARE!!! I said I know, buuuuuuuuuuut ONE DAY HE WILL...
Annd that day has FINALLY COME!!!
♥Mary Frances