Friday, May 30, 2014

Thats MY niece!!!

Sooooo I hear MJ talking to a boy she likes after school today, she's like, WEEEEEEEEELLLL if you decide that you DON'T LIKE ME, I'm just going to like So-and-So THEN!!! And she names off some other boy's name...yes, that right there, telling a guy, NOT ONLY THAT YOU LIKE  him buuuuuut that IF he doesn't like you, is TOTAL LADIES OF LEGACY...BAHAHAHAHA!!! So she names the boy she will just like instead if he doesn't like her!
Soooo like a typical male, the boy just shrugs his shoulders and says, SO, he's probably UGLY!!! Mary Jo says, NO HE'S NOT!!! Then as if to explain that there was NO WAY he could possibly be ugly, she says, He's NOT UGLY...
 HE'S BLACK!!!  
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I was like, Ooooooo YEEEESSSSS... that is soooooooooooo MY NIECE SPEAKING RIGHT NOW!!! Making your Aunt Mary proud lil MJ!!! MAKING ME PROUD!!! Whoop! WHOOOOOP!!!  
♥Mary Frances