Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whoop! WHOOP!!!

I astounded my pastor's wife today by being able to interpret African English!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!! It was sooooo funnnnny!!! One of the boys that we picked up was another apartment and when he was getting in the van his grandma was yelling something to him in African English and he was just totally not acknowledging her and talking to his friends...she yelled it to him three times, so finally I was just like, You want us to bring him back to YOUR house tonight! She smiles and nods and walks off! My pastor's wife was like, GOODNIGHT! How did you know what she was saying??? I was laughing, I'm like yup, THATS MY TALENT!!! I can't speak it but I can almost always understand what they are saying!!! I felt soooo COOL!!! HAHA!!!
♥Mary Frances :)