Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Counseling update!

Lets see, I started the week off with losing my counselor folder within five minutes having it! thankfully it was soon found in my pastors motorhome! cuz I was like, this is going tobe awkwRd having to get a new folder already! lol . Theeeeeeen... I had to get an official counselor tag ASAP, cuz I was getting told to LEAVE THE DORMS, CAMPERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO.BE IN HERE!!! im like, ummm... im actually a counselor!!! She said, OH! You dont look like one!!! hahaha!!! SUPER FUNNY!!! and yeah ive been keeping my tag on cuz I keep getting asked by different staff why im here or.why im.not.doing this...its pretty.funny!!! I think.part.of it is jus cuz they dnt reconize me! . Then yesturday morning two of my campers, (Hanna and Jen) had to wake me in the morning!!! buuuuuut heeeeey its cuz I cant go to sleep at night till all my campers are in bed and accounted for! annnnnd this camp.runs LATE!!! curfew isnt even till 12:30, then the girls come in and can take showers and lightz go out around 2ish.... I go to sleep around 3ish!!! ugh!!! . Sooooo today we are more than halfway thru my week of youth camp counseling! Everything is back to normal... my girls LOST cleanest section this time... HAHA!!! . Buuuuut im having a blast!!!