Friday, June 27, 2014

She's home!!!

Sooooooo HAPPY my lil neicey is HOME from Jr. Youth Camp!!! We missed her soooo much this week and sadly I don't think she was homesick at all!!! I guess I know how everyone else feels when I leave and FORGET to least MJ called!!! Awwww I'm soooo glad she's HOME!!!
Soooooo a few funnies from her trip: Monday night she calls her mom and says, MOM, church was SOOOOOOOOO GOOD tonight! My sis was like really impressed to hear such depth and spiritualness coming out of her dauthter! She's like, Oh really? MJs like, YEAH, they threw candy out to us. It was sooooo GOOD!!! AHAHAHAHA!!!
Then today when she got back I was like, sooooooooo did get any NEW crushes on boys at camp! She's all like NO! I'm like, sooooooo you went to camp and met all these new boys and you came back STILL liking the SAME boy, EVEN THO HE WASN'T THERE??? She's just like YUP!!! I'm like, WOW, your waaaaaaaaaay more loyal to your crush than ME!!! She just looks at me and says, PRETTY MUCH!!!
 (For me at conferences I switch walking from point A to point B! BAHAHAHAHA!!!) 
♥Mary Frances :)