Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Watering my rose with molasses!!!

A month or so ago, the saying went through my mind, "When God Unfolds The Rose" Then randomly the next saying that went through my mind was, "Slow as molasses!" THEN I started laughing, cuz THE NEXT thought that went through my mind was, MAAAAAAN, If God's unfolding my rose, I think he must be watering it with MOLASSES!!!
What IS Molasses??? Molasses is a thick, dark brown syrup obtained from raw sugar during the refining process. So my rose is being watered with a sweet sugar that is going through a refining process...whoever knew that EVEN sugar needs refining??? My next thought absolutely made my heart say AWWW!!! Cuz my next thought was,
HE MAY be  watering my rose with MOLASSES, buuuuuuuuut it sure is gonna be sweet when it finally all unfolds!!!!
♥Mary Frances :)