Sunday, June 15, 2014


 Today is Father's day, and AFTER church this morning, all the talk about good dad's and stuff,  my niece MJ comes over to me says, "Well, its Father's Day today, BUT I don't have a dad...
She doesn't have a daddy...YET!!! You know what that YET equals??? FAITH!!! She doesn't have one, buuuuuuut SHE knows that God is GOING to give her one!!! I was like awwwwwwwwww!!! It squeezed my heart and makes me wanna cry! I really want my lil niece to get a daddy!!! I know I talk a lot about God giving me a husband, but when its all said and done, I'm perfectly happy...I WANT a husband, buuuuuuut don't really NEED one yet at this point and time in my life!!!
 EVERY lil girl NEEDS A DADDY!!!
This summer, July 18th, MJ is turning 12!!! Pretty soon she will be a teenager and I am really hoping and praying that she will NOT have to go through her teenage years without the council and guidance of a father in her life!!! Sooooooooo i'm just asking if I could get everyone that reads my blog to join me in prayer for a DADDY FOR MJ!!! .(She could probably use a few SIBLINGS too!!! Heh, heh, ;)
As most of you have heard me say, my sister adopted my niece and she has an AMAZING testimony of what God brought her out of. My sister said that just the other day Mary Jo just randomly looked at her and said, "Well, you DID IT MOM, you got me out of that MAD HOME!!!" I was like AWWWWW!!! its TRUE you guys, God used my big sis to rescue the ONLY thing she needs to make her story complete IS A DADDY!!! IF God could rescue her from that HOPLESS situation, she must know that God can do ANYTHING for her!!!
She doesn't have a daddy...YET...
buuuuuuut she's got the faith for God to complete this story!!!
♥Mary Freances :)
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