Friday, June 13, 2014

You know your little brother is TALL WHEN...

 When most people consider you a giant..
 but next to your baby brother your a shorty!!!
The other day I was at Frys where he works and I was talking to the guy at the Starbucks there while he was making my drink, you know, can't keep the mouth shut for TOO LONG...bahahahaha!!!
 and I'm like, you know that Abe is my lil brother right? He's like OH no I didn't know that! I'm like, WHAT? How could you NOT know?! We look EXACTLEY like each other!!!
The guy thought about it for a moment then he says, NAH, your BETTER LOOKING!!! Annnnnnnnd of course being the humble and non-Arguementive person that I am I said, WEEEEEEEEEELLLL...
I have to agree with you on THAT!!!
Abie was just like, WOW MARY! WOW!!!
♥Mary Frances :)