Thursday, July 10, 2014

cRaZy Wednesdays!!!

Soooooooo I knew it was gonna be ANOTHER crazy day yesterday when one of the boys arrived to the van with the lil toy water gun I had given them all as a Fourth Of July present the week before! He gets in squirting kids and I IMMEDIATELY comfiscated it from him...He's like, YOU GAVE IT TO ME!!!
*That AWKWARD moment when your sitting on the front row and one of your kids runs to THE VERY FRONT and does a cartwheel....ANNNNND then his pants fall down!!!
We have GOOOOOOD CHURCH on Wednesdays!!!True story people...  Lil boy in this above pic...he is FINALLY potty trained so he can come...BUUUUUUUUT we still got A LOT to work on!!! BAHAHAHA!!!  
THEN the class was hysterical because one of the lil boy's mom had told Sis. Abbott that he knew his memory verse and that he would say it to the whole class, buuuuuuut when Sis. Abbott asked him, all he would say was STAR WARS!!! The class was HYSTERICAL!!!
Then in it was my turn to teach this week...We FINALLY got the kids settled down enough for me  to ACTUALLY teach, so I start teaching for a MINUTE and I don't know how BUUUUUT SOMEHOW, I tripped just standing there...weeeeeeeeeeelllll the kids just LOST IT!!! All the kids, including my niece were laughing sooooooo hard and one of the boys just fell out of the seat and was rolling on the ground...I like OKAAAAAAAAAAY whateverrrr it wasn't THAT FUNNNNNY!!!
 Soooooooooo I had made all the kids cupcakes and they were just like estatic about them!!! One of the boys was like, WHERE do you get your icing from??? And another one of the boys was like, DUDE, she makes it herself!!! The other boy was like, NO WAY!!! He's like yeah, she EVEN MAKES those brownies she brings us too!!! The boy was like, WOW!!! I felt SOOOO COOL!!! HAHAHA!!!
When we got back to the apartments this lil boy came running over to the van like what did you guys get?! Mary can I have one???? Annnnnnd I usually don't give the kids that didn't come to church that night what I gave the other kids, buuuuut this lil boy wanted to come sooooooo bad but his dad wouldn't let him cuz they are Muslim, soooo I give him one of the cupcakes and HE DROPS IT on the pavement!!! I was like, OH NOOOOOO!!! Buuuuuuuut the boy says its ok, just picks it up, blows it off and starts eating it! I'm like, OH YEAH, 10 second rule...that's MY KIND OF KID!!!
Soooooooo then when we go to drop off the boy that had the water gun, he was pouting cuz I had threatened to talk to his mom cuz he wasn't listening, soooooo he gets out of the van and I roll down the window and I'm like, hey Prince, do you want your water gun back? He's all moping and is like, yeah...soooo get it and proceed to empty it shooting him with it!!! AHAHAHHAHA!!! YES, i'm a crazy bus worker!!!
♥Mary Frances :)