Monday, July 7, 2014

Dieting CMM!!!

Soooo  today at lunch we had a TOTAL Classic Mary (Dieting) Moment!!! Wellllll I've had this thing for the past month that we REALLY NEEDED to go to Humble Pie!!! Its a pizza place that makes their pizza dough out of sourdough. Soooooooooo I talked my sister into going there today!!!
The way it works at Humble Pie is that your basically just order your own personal pizza. So I order mine annnnnnnnnd LIKE A GOOD GIRL, I separated the amount I was going to eat on one plate and put the rest aside and said I would save it for tomorrow. 
THEN I proceeded to shake red pepper flakes on it for TWO REASONS!!! 1. Because I love spicy food! AND 2. because when your food is spicy it makes you fuller faster and you tend to not eat as much. Sooooo i'm shaking the pepper out BUUUUUT its NOT coming out very fast...soooooo I take the cover and take some pepper to sprinkle onto my pizza. 
Weeeeeeelllll i'm just eatin a long annnnnnd decide that I need JUUUUUUUUST a little bit more...sooooooooo I take the pepper and start shaking annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd...
Someone FORGOT to SCREW THE COVER BACK ON THE PEPPER!!! Jus a LIL more pepper turned out to be THE REST OF THE JAR!!! I was laughing soooooooooo HARD!!! My sis and MJ were just shaking their heads in unison at me!!! Buuuuuuuuut the funniest part is when the waiter came over to the table and saw the WHOLE jar of pepper on my pizza!!! He was just aghast!!! it was HILARIOUS!!! Especially when he picked up the empty pepper jar with cheese and sauce drippin off it and carried it back to be refilled...AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
I have to give him credit tho for offering me a new pizza!!! I said no thank you tho cuz I still had more than half set aside ANNNND plus it was NOT their fault!!! I MUST take responsibility for my own STUPIDITY!!! Actually, the HONEST truth is that I just shook off my pizza annnnnd ATE IT!!! I am NOT A WASTEFUL PERSON!!!
I have to say, IT WORKED!!! I got full REALLY FAST!! In FACT I'm STILL FULL FROM SUNDAY LUNCH!!! ACTUALLY, I think I may even be good for THE WHOLE WEEK!!!
 Dieting tip #6788955512340987 RED PEPPER ON YOUR FOOD PEOPLE...IT WORKS!!!
♥Mary Frances :)