Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fish out of water?!?!

Soooo Im babysitting Ella and Wesley yesturday and we're swimming like all day long. Well we're playing Marco Polo, im just assuming that everyone reading this knows how to play Marco Polo, IF you don't, you dont have a life annnnnnnd REALLY need to get out more!!!! lol Anywayz its basically hide and go seek tag in the pool!
We're playing and of course guess WHO kept getting caught and spent most of the game as IT??? Theyre like, weeeeeellll if you hadnt started'm like buuuuut your THAT close to me...I CAN'T HELP IT!!! BAHAHA!!!
Soooooo yesturday im playing this game with them in the pool and the kids had never heard of when you yell fish out of water. This is where the other swimmers that are not it can get out of the water sneakily and JUMP IN, buuuuuut IF the person that is it yells out FISH OUT OF WATER, while your out of the pool, then your caught and automatically IT!!!
Soooooo after explaining it to the kids, they are adding this aspect into the game. Weeeeeeelllll I decided that I would like to have my turn at being sneaky as well...HA! ...
Soooooo I sneakily get out all quiet and stuff, without even LAUGHING buuuuuuut as I was making my run to jump in the pool, all of the sudden my feet were BURNING on the brick and before I could stop myself I was yelling... .
The kidS were laughing SOOOOO HARD!!!
 They're like, FISH OUT OF WATER????
Im like...
♥Mary Frances :)