Friday, July 25, 2014

I admit it...

Ahahahaha!!! Okaaaaaaaaaay let me explain!!! When we were at Pacific Coast Camp, Bro. Baglin was telling all these jokes before he preached!!! One of his jokes was about how the Morman church got started. He said that there was a group of woman looking for husbands saying, MORE MEN! MORE MEN! MORE MEN!!! Thus, THE MORMAN church was born from this group of woman!!! BAHAHAHAHA!!!
Then he goes, some of you young ladies here are a bunch of MORMANS!!! When he said this, FOR SOME STRANGE REASON, all the girls in front, behind and next to me felt the urge to nudge or whisper my name! I'm like, REALLY?! We're gonna accuse, THE WONDERFUL COUNSELOR of being a MORMAN???? Like WOW!!!
Ok, ok, okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, I admit it...
Is a MORMAN!!! ;)
♥Mary Frances :)
P.S. That's why i'm still single, I'm WAITING FOR MORE MEN!!! Keepin my options OPEN people!!! Hee, hee!!!