Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You know your teaching African kids WHEN...

When your doing a craft with them that involves RICE, and the kids ask you for a pot of hot water to COOK THE RICE!!!
 Bahahahahaha!!! True story people today at VBS at our church. So Sis. Abbott and I have been going and busing in my kids for VBS...Which adds in a WHOLE NEW DIMENSION to VBS!!! LOL
So anyways, Sis. Alyssa was doing the craft project with the boys, they are I SPY bottles, where you fill a plastic bottle with rice and then you put other random objects in, like keys, marbles, coins, charms, etc...and then when you shake it around you have to try to find the different objects hidden amongst the rice! Well, in the African cooking, specifically the Liberian, Nigerian tribes, RICE IS A MAIN DISH!!!
Well the boys just couldn't understand WHY food was being used for a craft!!! My sis said that the boys were just like FREAKING out, "This is GOOD FOOD!" and one boy was even trying to eat the rice buuuuut ran to the trash can spitting it out! Sooooo anyway, YEAH, all the boys could see was that FOOD WAS BEING WASTED!!!  
Which ACTUALLY sounds like ALL MALES in general...
♥Mary Frances :)