Monday, August 4, 2014

Heritage 2014

 Weeeeeeellllll Heritage was a fast annnnnd BUSY TRIP!!!!
Soooooooooo Happy that I got to Allana!!!
 US girls...Sooooooooo MJ is NOT the best photographer in the world!!! LOL
Daisy...Besties when we see each other...I GIVE UP on trying to keep in touch with her...SHE IS IMPOSSIBLE!!
 Last time she randomly texts me HEY! i'm like, HEY I was thinkin about waiting 6 months to respond back to you!!! BAHAHA!!! Oh weeeeeelllll... EVERY friendship is different annnnnd I know that with Daisy we won't keep in touch buuuuut when we see each other again we'll pick up where we left off and we"ll automatically be inseperable again!
Hanna and Anali, you know who they are, my bestest friends!!!

 Got to meet up with old friends again, Charelle and Tayler!!!
Got to meet Miss Brittany Green from Kansas...
Soooo yeah Brittany reads my blog and I guess she really wanted to meet me and had no idea that I was going to be at Heritage cuz I didn't post it on my blog cuz it was all last minute, but she said that she ACTUALLY prayed that I would be there so that she could meet me...I"M LIKE WOW... God answered your prayers GIRRRRL and I'm SO HONORED that she would want to meet me that much that she PRAYED ABOUT IT!!! (She should prayed that I would be there ANNNNND that my husband would be there TOO!!! Hee, hee!!!)
OH annnnnd there was another group of girls that read this blog that I met from Bro. Johns church in Florida, they got a pic with me BUUUUUT I didn't get it...if you girls are reading this SEND me that pic!
Me and lil Miss Melissa Garcia...Haterrrs daughter...LOL I can't believe she is all grown up and BEAUTIFUL NOW!!!
Me and my big sis...the bestest sis in the WHOLE world!!! 
Annnnnnnnnd NO there was NO ONE of interest there to me...People were asking me afterwards and I was like, NAW, they didn't believe me, Hanna and Anali were like, NO REALLY, she hasn't even talked about ANYONE THERE..annnnnnnnd she didn't even go to the lock in!!! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Goooooooood TIMES!!!
♥Mary Frances :)