Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Heritage Welcomerrrrr!!!

Soooo before Classic Mary Moments THE BLOG existed, there was STILL Classic Mary Moments!!! Just thought I would share one with you all...Soooooo I was thinkin back  to a Heritage conference quite a few years ago to a funny incident that happened the first evening...  NOTHING really compared to THE MOMENT OF ALL MOMENTS !!! I was with a group of girls from my church who are all now married. We were in the elevator when a man stepped on with some other younger men, I figured that the man was probably their youth leader or something.
Now us girls were already over the top, SUPERRRR HYPERRRR but we managed to calm down in the presence of these strangers. Well this man was asking us girls where were from, who our pastor was and all that stuff...He seemed nice and all, buuuuut I personally felt like he was a newbie to Heritage and probably needed our assistance for something. So after telling him our names and that we were from the Abbott's church in AZ, I decided to be extra friendly and welcoming, then I said...
And who's church are you guys from? The man said, Bro. Alvear's church. I was like, OH OKaaaaay, that sounds familiar I think I have heard of him before. The nice man kind of paused, then he says, Well actually, I AM Bro. Alvear.
At this point our mouths were hanging open and altho we had been holding back our hyperness, we NOW went into HYSTERICAL laughter!!! Thankfully the elevator stopped and we all got off and went our separate ways.
Annnnnnnnnnnnnd if we didn't know WHO Bro. Alvear was BEFORE that conference, we sure did know AFTER the conference, ESPECIALLY since he was one of THE CONFERANCE SPEAKERS!!! Yes really, I asked the Heritage Conference speaker WHO'S church he went to!!!
Just another Classic Mary Moment!!!
♥Mary Frances :)