Friday, August 8, 2014

She doesn't make him Happy...

 So this past week I was chaperoning my friends, Kelsey and Tommy. Well Kelsey was staying at my house with me, so one of the days, we're all hanging out in the living room at our house. So I always like to keep things stirred up with everyone, ANNNNND one of the things that I LOVE doing is asking questions, they called it, Q&A with Mary.
So during one of my question sessions, Tommy was saying to Kelsey how she makes him SOOOOO HAPPY!!! He's like NO REALLY KELSEY YOU DO!!! I'm thinking like, OK, anyone that knows Tommy knows that he is like ONE OF THE HAPPIEST PEOPLE you will ever meet in your life(Can I get an amen from all the Tommy fans out there?!?!) And he was ALREADY WAAAAAAAY HAPPY BEFORE him and Kelsey were even together.... I mean even his co-workers told him that they don't know how he could get any happier than he already was cuz he is THE HAPPIEST person they know
Sooooo like ANY GOOD CHAPERONE would do, I interrupted the conversation!!! HAHA!!! I was like, NO TOMMY, you were already happy BEFORE KELSEY, Kelsey doesn't make you HAPPY she just makes you HAPPIER!!!
She put the ER in your HAPPY!!!
She doesn't make him HAPPY, she makes him HAPPIER!!!
He was like, oh that's true, KELSEY your MY   ER!!! You put the ER in my happy!!! It was superrrr cute...Annnnnd I got permission from them to blog about it!!!! But think about HOW important it is to ALREADY BE HAPPY!!! To have the joy of the Lord shining through on your life. Its so important for us to realize that we can't rely on a person to make us happy, ONLY JESUS can truly make us happy!!!  
 Cuz that's something that I've always felt, there is NO man that is going to make ME happy, because I am ALREADY HAPPY!!! He can ONLY make me HAPPIER than what I already am!!!
 I'm NOT waiting for someone to MAKE ME HAPPY,
 I'm just waiting for my ER!!!
♥Mary Frances :)